Héctor Bellerin (2)


I’m not comfortable with losing him at all. Not only do I think that he will become one of the best in his positions, but I also think doubt that we would adequately replace him if sold.

I think a few factors have tilted his head; substantial interest from Barça (according to most in the Catalan press he’s one if their top four priorities this summer), potential family issues (don’t believe), Crystal Palace away, and missing out on CL.

Either way if we do sell him, which I’d be VERY reluctant to do, we should demand a high price. Let’s see if Arsène and the board have changes


We would look weak as fuck if we sold an important player under contract for no reason other than he wanted to leave and before he’d reached his peak.

Won’t happen. 100%.


They can talk to his agent


If Bellerin wanted to stay he should know he would have to fight for his place.


How about you shut up and play football, Ectorrrr?

These Catalan players are snakes in tall grass.

Don’t sign a six year contract if you want to leave one year into it.

Not happening.


Make Barca pay over the odds for him if he wants to leave. If he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal then sell him off.

Haven’t like his attitude this season, seems more interested with things off the field then on it. Did approve when fans got on his back for his poor performances and had a good Fa Cup final performance. But seen as his family have moved back home, I buy this transfer rumour. He thought he had it hard here, wait until Barca fans get on him when he’s off form.


Dress it up however you like, he would be a real loss.


Yep Yep Yep.

Some of the comments in this thread are unbelievable. Bellerin is a “nobody” and Ox is better etc. Some football fans must have short memories. Ox has been with us since 2011, yet a fifth of one season at RWB and suddenly he is the second coming and we no longer need Bellerin – who IMO will be one of the best RBs in the world. People are weird.


I wouldn’t say we don’t need Bellerin. Only that is overrated and made far more too important than he actually is.


With 5 years left on his contract, either way, we won’t be unhappy. Either he stays; or we sell him for stupid money.


At least I hope the club will hold out for something stupid like 60m and not the usual 20m and a slice of bread. Even better if we show some strength and say no.


People are trying to find positives in an unhappy event.

They aren’t weird, it’s simply not wanting to spend a day in the life of grumps such as Aussie.

Preference is a choice, nothing wrong with preferring Ox, even if his sample size is smaller.


Fuck him off and give Ox a pay rise and first choice RWB.

Not gonna even get into the Barca connection. We joked about it in the past two seasons and now its real. Expected.


What’s the correlation here? How does not wanting a player to leave make you a grumps? I’m perfectly happy :grinning:


Yeh we all knew this was coming, though thank fuck it’s for a full back and not the beating heart of our midfield like last time.


We should stop stealing their youngsters. What comes around goes around :wenger:


If selling him remotely helps funding Mbappe, I’ll drive Mr boy band to the airport myself


No need, with the way his talking he’ll happily slither there himself.


Btw if this delicate little snowflake had his feelings hurt after that Crystal Palace match, just wait until the first match he plays for Arsenal after he flirts with Barca all summer. Gonna be ugly I would imagine.


Arsenal put Bellerin’s career on a map no doubt, that’s why he gets the ‘nobody’ tag. He’s been lucky playing under Arsenal fans, at Barca the fans will roast him if he doesn’t perform. New Cesc if he leaves, but the difference is Bellerin wouldn’t be a big loss. Ox is doing what he can’t.