Héctor Bellerin (2)


We’re due a Bendtner 2.0 though :mustafi:


Well if he wants to go then we might as well sell him, no point in keeping an unhappy player. But he’s a decent young right back and would be difficult to replace


“If Barca calls me, I won’t even pick up the phone” - Hector Bellerin Moruno, October 2016.


At least 50 million… stop being wusses to these f*ck faces who continue to agitate our players… take a hard line.


We’re in a perfect position here. He’s contracted up until Summer 2022 or 2023 (not sure which) so we can pretty much ask what we like, if Farca don’t pay up, we get to keep a good player.

We have no reason to sell, so any offer that isn’t north of £40m, that’s pounds, should be declined.


Bellerin to end up at Chelsea in a couple of years


We have all the leverage. Bellerin wont want to sit on the bench with a WC next year.

Wenger shouldn’t even pick up the phone unless it’s an astronomical bid.


If he is off, we really shouldn’t be surprised. He rose through the ranks pretty rapidly, and the old Barca DNA deep inside, it was always going to be a matter of when will they try and get him back one day, so we were always prepared for the worst this time round. The only real surprise is, the fact it’s happened now, when he’s still so young and still has a lot more to improve at this level. I’d have thought he’d be here a few more years.

When Cesc went, he was at the peak of his powers with us. Hector had a very up and down season this time round, but then one could argue I guess he’s had very little competition at right back

One final note, this is why I don’t really tend to attach myself to many players these days whenever they declare their ‘love’ for the club at a young age, as 9 times out of 10 they will never stay around much longer after that. So if Hector goes, it’s a real shame, but he is definately replaceable, wheres replacing Cesc at the time proved difficult.


fuck! I knew there was something about this rumor. I agree with the majority here that he’s not at Cesc/RVP level when they left and that he’s somehow replaceable but damn! I’m just sick and tired of loosing players (WC or not) to this cuntalan cunts! enough is enough!


Yep. Club needs to show some spine here. No talks unless the bid is really high.

We don’t need another crappy homesick for Barca summer of stories.


Barca generally always get players for par or unders, will be interesting to see how easily we buckle on this one.


I don’t mind losing players to the cuntalans. If we actually fetched 50m for him (lol) we could easily replace him with someone for like 15m of probably the same quality. Losing a key guy like Ozil or Sanchez would be bad, losing guys like Vermaelen and Bellerin and getting big payouts I can handle.


Yeah, he isn’t even first choice anymore in the end. He clearly wants out judging by his words.


We should definitely sell all three of our right backs. Perfect way to start the summer.


The guy is contracted until June 2023 ffs. We all knew Barcelona would probably be his home again one day, but I still don’t think it’ll be yet.

I also don’t agree with those people saying Ox is a decent replacement. Seriously, the guy played like 8 games there - kind of a small sample size don’t you think? In the past Bellerin has shown world class potential, Ox has not.


I mean, at the end of the day we hold all the cards, and it’s also very likely these rumours are just bullshit.

So just don’t worry about it.



Being held at ransom by a nobody, he forgets Arsenal launched his career. He became poor, got abuse from fans, Ox proved to be better at wing back and now shows signs of leaving, sign he’s mentally weak. It’s ideal he stays and fights for his place but if not close the door on your way out Hector. :slight_smile:


Not fussed. Prefer Ox there since he got injured anyway. The sooner this barca DNA bollocks is gone from the club the better.


We need two quality wing-backs. I really want us to keep hold of Hector. His best is yet to come for us. Especially with the new formation. Would be gutted if he left already.


Yeah you need 2 quality wing back options on both sides if you want to play this formation over a whole season, it is a very taxing position to play.