Héctor Bellerin (2)


Sometimes I would like to see our players declaring love for the team, like Benzema did in 2015 when was linked to us or recently Griezmann.


His defending is average. At Barca he gets away with that and concentrate on going forward more. Take the dough.


Or Rooney at Everton with once a blue always a blue.






Will he qualify as a cunt now then. Need a knew one as its been awhile.


He agreed personal terms and is now going to ask Wenger to leave?

Barca has to approach Arsenal first before they can speak to Bellerin, right? So either they gave Barca permission to talk to Bellerin and are willing to sell and there is no reason to ask Wenger if he can go, or they didn’t get permission and there is no way there are personal terms agreed.

Of course, it’s possible Barca talked to him without permission but I’d think they would be playing by the rules after there transferban two years ago.


Bellerin seems very thin skinned. He was all about Arsenal until he took all that abuse from the fans a couple months ago. After that it seems his attitude changed.


Who exactly is this guy?


He’s just translating the spanish article and saying the guy who wrote it is one of the most reliable in Spain by the looks of it.


Cue everyone turning on him :joy:

It was all good just a season ago, he was the best thing since sliced bread now he’s overrated.


I mean, if he’s standing up and taking notice it must be true.


I wouldn’t be too fussed if we lost him. We’d bring in a massive sum for him and he’s not good enough that he’s irreplaceable. His pace is his biggest asset and I think going forward I’d be comfortable with Ox being our RWB (if we persist with that) and Wenger signing someone in the Monreal mould (solid but unspectacular. Very consistent) to compete with him for the spot.


If he does end up leaving we should go for Aurier.

I wanted us to sign him badly when we were looking for a RB and Wenger went and got Debuchy.


This is an informative read by sportwitness


Hleb, Fabregas and now Bellerin. Arsenal sould denounce Barça to Uefa and take them in front of a court.


Afcon Cup and a not solved problem with justice.


He’s a bit of a bad boy these days but he’s absolute quality and it’s not like we’ve not had his type before.

Would love him here if Hector ran off back to Barca.


Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if his family are back in Barcelona to give him an angle to facilitate the move.

I’m not really sure I buy into the whole multi-millionaire misses his family lark. He was professional enough to sign the contract and should expect to reap the consequence of what that entails. Bleed Barca for every penny or play him on the bench every week, it’s about time we put an end to this nonsense.


Aurier is a nightmare to manage though. Run-ins with the law, terrible attitude.

I’d rather we go with Meunier in that case.


If we can get £40M+ I’d say sell. Plenty of interesting fullbacks out there available for peanuts even in this market