Héctor Bellerin (2)


Not from a fanbase that bitches about players not coming over.

He’s a young guy that’s just run 10k+ for Arsenal. Nobody will want to lose him so there’s no need to make him feel like shit.


TBH I’m not really fussed who we lose at the moment, as long as Wenger remains our squad is kind of irrelevant.


Cant decide whether thats harsh on a young player who has been, lets face it, fast tracked to the first to save money.
Or just really niave on Bellerin’s part to go over to the fans in the current situation.

Fair play to him either way. As a young player he can only do what he can do at his current level. He’s playing in a team with no leaders to learn from and its showing. Same story with a lot of our younger players in recent seasons.


Argh I actually feel kinda sorry for him. He’s playing shit at the moment but I like the guy and genuinely rate him. Needs self-improvement, competition, but most of all MANAGEMENT.

He’s another one that might be off, Barça will easily be able to turn his head.


He even doesn’t run that fast recently.
If he lost his speed, what good a defender he is?


He’s been way below par since returning from injury, we should have adequate competition that should be able to step in and bench him.

But nope, he’ll continue to be played into form or until he’s burnt out with no confidence eh Monsieur Wenger?


He got more than booed. It was like a torrent of abuse aimed right at him, as if he were a sort of lightning rod for the frustration of the whole night. I think he was more of a victim of circumstance (because the other cowards fled down the tunnel) but it was really harsh. Honestly he got absolutely slaughtered. Like a smaller scale version of what Èboue got that time bs Wigan

He wasn’t very good tonight but no worse than any of our other non-defending outfield defenders.


The hair stand in the way of aerodynamics.


It seems pretty obvious he is carrying an injury. He is a victim of zero viable depth at RB and poor management.



What the fuck is wrong with Wenger?! :joy:


Is that serious ? Wenger is doing further damage to a young players injury by his refusal to play anyone else in a season that’s all ready dead and buried ?


If it’s true he’s playing hurt then I genuinely feel for him as he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, Wenger is reaching despicable status now.

Fuck knows how much damage he’ll be doing to himself long term playing every remaining game of the season, it’s a disgrace.


He really should be taking his doctor’s advice if that is true (Tim Stillman always seems legit to me but who knows). It’s a fucking disgrace playing him if he needs surgery in all honesty.


Wenger playing someone who needs surgery!? utter BS, simply untrue. I don’t believe that


It’s Wenger anything is possible. No reason not to believe it and it’s probably the reason why Jenkinson or Debuchy can’t get a game


Tonight has shown, this guy would be a major improvement on Barça’s options. Not too far fetched to see him joining them this summer.


Let’s keep him at least, FFS! We are already losing Ozil and Sanchez this summer.


I want a valid evidence.
Otherwise, it is not fair to put the fault on Wenger, even though I want him to leave.


If Bellerin needs a surgey, why played with his national team? Bullshit.