Héctor Bellerin (2)


Oh ya he gone. If not to Barca then probably to Chelsea to be with Captain Fabtastic.


Not that I’ve had a chance to read the articles yet, but there’s a lot of talk about Barça going in for Bellerin in the Catalán press today. Sport are claiming that he is Barça’s number one target this summer.

Can’t see us selling him myself, plus he seems rather content at the club. Still, wouldn’t like to rule it out.


Bellerin has only recently signed that new deal so we have absolutely no need to sell him. Besides, he loves London - Catalans won’t appreciate that wonderfully weird cockney with a hint of Spanish accent he has. He started there so it was likely they’d come back for him but I’m not at all concerned.


He is a Spanish… I don’t see how he would love to live in London but not love to live in Barcelona.

He signed a new deal, yes, but the club is not going to improve significantly soon… Arsenal is still the “top 4 team” that fights for the FA Cup and that’s it. When Barcelona gives you a call, and guarantee you something (like playing time)… everybody would listen.


Yeah i wasn’t being entirely serious there


??? What happened to this guy?


Always been the same… too reliant on his pace to cover for his other weaknesses. It’s just more visible now that we’re playing shit. Still got talent, but playing him week in week out isn’t doing the team any favors right now.


Think he’s unlucky because he’s probably getting some really shit advice. He clearly has talent to become a class right back, there’ s a reason why Barca want him. He needs better management and needs to raise his own level. I’m not trying to deflect the blame on him (Well, I clearly am a little :joy:)


He needs a proper manager to help him with his weakness. That’s it.


Shows how important competition is, he can start playing much worse and we have no option but to play him because our other RB is an u23 level player.


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that players who were having excellent season last year and the year previously (Bellerin, Coquelin etc.) have all just randomly gone to shit now.

The whole team is just playing like fucking shit right now.


It’s the fucking man bun that’s done all of this. Horrible. Shameless. No mental strenf whatsoever.


Should have sold the cunt


Bellerin hasn’t suddenly become a bad player, It’s just poor form and poor management. If we were to sell him we could still make £50m on him - he wouldn’t be valued that highly if he was a complete dud.

Also, today is his birthday - you’re not allowed to bully him on his birthday!


Hes a poor defender and has not improved in that department.
He wont either under Wenger and no defensive coach.


The thing is, he isn’t a poor player but he’s not improving on the fundamentals of defending and I think in situations like this season where we aren’t controlling games and we aren’t really dominant it gets exposed because we need a more cohesive defensive line. That’s obviously something that won’t happen under current management so his progress is suffering because of it.

And what’s more concerning is his lack of impact going forward too. He looks a totally different player at the moment like the rest of the team.


Just another speedy youngster who was hyped up by Wenger and some Arsenal fans.


Come on mate he’s much more than that :bellerin:

The thing is that playing your natural game under Wenger will work initially but it won’t be enough over a sustained period, it’s similar with Mustafi. Came in looked BOSS got injured and now looks very vulnerable, without the base of an organised cohesive defensive unit it will be incredibly difficult for our defenders to sustain quality form over the course of a whole season particularly with all the toxicity, unease and uncertainty surrounding the club right now.


Bad defensive positioning, average tackler, near to zero contribution on the final third (can’t cross, can’t shoot)… his biggest asset is tracking back by his speed.
I never said anything about his potential, and he could flourish under new management, but he is really an average player for me ATM.


To be fair damn near our whole squad is average or worse right now.

He’s proven he can get things done in the final third last season, got around five assists which I believe was the most of any defender.

He’s been struggling for a while and I agree he has more than a few limitations but I blame it on Wenger and the so called coaching staff.