Héctor Bellerin (2)


The weird thing is the head injury came after those fucking outfits in his tweets.


Bellerin will apparently resume training tomorrow. We’d be absolutely stupid to risk him against Hull though, he’d probably end up getting clattered by Tom Huddlestone!

Didn’t the FA have a rule that says you can’t play within 14 days of a sustaining a head injury? Or is that just guidance?


I’d assume that its just guidance, can’t see something like that being mandatory. Ive also never heard of that either.




Bet Arsenal have asked this to be made. No way does the new manager let him leave. If he really does think like this though then its a bye from me.


I read this earlier, no quotes and entirely based on ‘as the guardian understands’.

Clickbait, to increase traffic, likely because they want donations from users, nothing more


Bellerin won’t leave this summer. I’m not at all worried about that happening. Besides, I thought Barcelona had turned their attentions to “best right back in the Premier League” Kyle Walker now?!


He signed a contract for 6 years in november ffs. :smile: the money it would cost to secure him would be astronomical.


Seriously though if any player wants to leave cause Wenger does then I’ll hold the door for them.


If its someone like Bellerin I’ll offer my services to hold the door firmly closed.

If the reports are true and he does feel this way there’s no reason to think that after a successful or even promising season under a new manager he wouldn’t change his mind.

He’s just signed a six year contract so it’s not like either him or Barcelona have enough leverage to make the move happen anyway.

The only way he leaves is if we get a good enough offer to convince us. In my eyes that has to be at least £40m.


Ready to change your avatar? :wink:


We’ll have to continue seeing articles like this crop up over the coming months, but eventually it Will be proved as nonsense, this idea that half our squad will up and leave just because Wenger does.

Someone like Bellerin is a shoe in for our right back spot, he has no need to fear anything from the new guy


I’ll always love Hector


He has openly said how much he loves life in London and playing for Arsenal. He then proceeded to sign a 6 year contract.

Fuck all the facts though right.


He does have one of them foreign accents. He could have said Arsene and people probably wouldn’t have noticed :eyes:


Anyone can leave if they hold us at ransom over the managers position. Not like these guys can currently compete in Europe or for the league title as things stand anyways.


I doubt it, however, The Guardian are fairly reputable.

If that’s how he thinks he clearly doesn’t care a about winning just having it easy under a manager that is far past his sell by date.

People talk about him signing a new contract which was good but these days that means sweet FA when faced with the bigger clubs swooping in.



"After the tough weeks we’ve had the team should have gone onto the pitch, motivated and ready from the start.

"In the first half it didn’t feel like we were ready and then we went 2-0 down. We got one goal back and had a chance to make it 2-2 but sometimes it’s too late.

“We need to realise that it’s just not the way to go. We need to push harder, to start the games with a better attitude and just go for it because we showed that when we go for it and want something we can do it.”

-Daily Mail


Still not got much natural idea on defending him. Bad habits that need coaching out of him.


Captain obvious to the rescue :bellerin: :xhaka: