Héctor Bellerin (2)


Fine until seemingly the last three weeks or so, when we’ve suddenly lost Kostafi, Bellerin, Walcott and Coquelin.


As Jenkinson and Debuchy are likely to leave (considering what Wenger said about them sometimes ago), we have to buy someone to replace Hector.


Like who though? Which decent Right Back is going to want to come to a club with arguably the best RB in the league? Injury aside, they won’t get a look in.


I don’t know, but i can’t see Wenger keeping Jenkinson and Debuchy.


Debuch will certainly be gone, but I can see us going with Jenko and AMN as back-ups to Bellerin (and emergency Calum/Moose) next year. Don’t see us going after RB - we have much bigger priorities.


But with Hector out now, who are we going with as RB?


We’ll go with emergency Gabby/Moose I reckon unless Debuch and/or Jenko are around/healthy… we don’t know how long Hector will be out yet (or do we). I was more talking next year. I think the issue is trying to buy anyone decent who is willing to sit behind a relatively healthy youngster who is likely to make that position his own for the next decade.


We should look at Atalanta’s squad. They are full of promising youngsters.


Chamberlain at right back would be fitting punishment.


I think Maitland-Niles’ performance against Preston was underrated, give him another go I reckon!


Any confirmation on his injury?


Yep, forgot about this option. He wasn’t that bad when played here.


London Fashion Week Men's | 📸@michaelatphotos #LFWM pic.twitter.com/mIGVuIsrlO

— Héctor Bellerín (@HectorBellerin) January 9, 2017

How do you make a tweet appear, as, well, a normal looking tweet? :bellerin:

Horsing around London, with a supposed ankle injury, with no socks is it?


He looks fit if he does it.


They don’t embed on this software. Need to screenshot tweets now or just post the Twitter link for the tweet.


or use the photo link


Ah reliable Ben. Nothing on Bellerin’s injury :slight_smile: probably all bullshit.


Little Hector. :worried:


He seems to have the wherewithal to get himself into the recovery position until someone comes and starts pulling at him.


Read Marcos Alonso tends to be a very nasty person so i am not surprised he did it.