Héctor Bellerin (2)


YES! Get in Hector! Suck it Barca! :bellerin:


One club man i reckon :cristo:


Brilliant news and it says something that he’s signing on for so long, 2023!

Fully deserved too, he’s been fantastic since his debut and is quickly proving to be as important as the likes of Özil, Alexis, Kos and Cech.

Love this goal from him:


Not the most eloquent response to good news, but I concur all the same.


Yeah that was some positive news to wake up to, one of the best right backs in the league and only 21 years of age.


This is brilliant news, especially following on from signing Koscielny up (or we’re about to do so)


They can kiss their DNA now :wilshere:


The boy certainly knows how to endear himself to the fans



Christ that’s preachy nonsense. Surprised he didn’t finish it with hashtag blessed.


Too cynical for your own good sometimes


I love this guy, seems a true gooner, but everyone can change with an huge offer on the table.


Let’s not forget he is only 21. He has still enough time to go to Barcelona hehehe. Cesc went 1-2 years to early…


Personally I just like to separate football from theology. He could stick bunnies up his arse for foreplay for all I care, long as he makes the difference on the pitch.


What’s this got to do with God or religion?!


I find it bs because we have an actual cheater, in Giroud, in the squad. He doesn’t say it because he means it, but too suck up… Or maybe I’m cynical too.


That’s a mental image I won’t be rid of for some time.


Obviously the philosophical ramifications of what is good lol. He’s barely an adult, what exactly makes him such an expert during his short, highly sheltered life.


But it isn’t obvious, because that isn’t what theology means.

Never mind, I see what you mean now.


I don’t think he’s claimed to be an expert, he’s merely giving his thoughts as he sees it.


As was I by concluding that it’s ‘preachy nonsense.’