Héctor Bellerin (2)


I thought Cazorla was still unavailable?

Sanchez too, forgot about that one.


The good thing about Jenkinson is he cares so much about the Arsenal and always gives it his all. I remember when he had fantastic games against City and Bayern and it looked like we had found the new permanent right back and noone knew who Bellerin was.


Famous last words but I’m not too worried about him at RB for a few games, he’s had a decent loan run and while he’s still capable of having a game to forget the same can be said for a lot of our young defenders.

Let’s see how he does before wanting to change our entire formation.


Writing off Jenko is harsh tbh. I understand the need to disect and criticise absolutely fucking everything, but Bellerin isn’t so good/jenko so bad that we have to change an entire formation for the swap.


He isn’t that bad but I’ve never seen him do anything that would indicate he could be a useful player for us.
As I’ve said before, if he was foreign and playing for another club, we wouldn’t even consider him.
It’s not like West Ham have showed any interest in buying him after he played on loan there.


He did pretty decent against Bayern! Small samples and all that though! :slight_smile:

At the end of the day, Arsenal are about development and giving people chances.

Jenkinson doesn’t have to set the world on fire, he just has to do a job, and damn it he deserves a chance.

On the loan front, that’s not a strict indicator of anything really. Wasn’t he acquired as injury cover?


Game against Bayern, how long ago it was???
Bellerin just basically played all the games this season, and not like Jenks has played sufficient game time to be in form, 100% healthy and ready to step up.


I like that fact that he’s one of us shows that his hearts in the right place but other than being able to swing in a nice ball & having a decent turn of pace he doesn’t really bring anything else to the table especially in the defensive department. I don’t think it’s to unfair to say Jenks wouldn’t be anywhere near the first 11 and rightly so if we had signed Djibril Sidibe in the summer either.

Anyway given the games we’ve got coming up here’s hoping he can prove the majority of us wrong.


The gulf in class between Bellerin and Jenkinson is massively significant. The next month will be very interesting to see if Jenko has what it takes to be an adequate back up.


Thats a shit setup IMO. Youre expecting Jenkinson and Monreal to provide width and an engine the whole game. Holding starting? He is not ready to challenge for the title. Giroud and Sanchez as the front two wont work either. So much wrong with this setup its unreal.


Bit of an overreaction here, Jenko’s always killed it up at Old Trafford before.


Bellerin is such a vital component now, and with his absence notable in a big game against Man Utd it shows how much he can influence a game. Put him in and Walcott moves up a level in the game thus making our attack more potent. We’ve been in good form for most of the season so far after relying on that build up on the left and switching the play instantly to the right. Without him, it unbalances things.

Speedy recovery please!


James Olley from the Evening Standard says he will sign for 6,5 years.







SUCK IT FC Cuntalona and Man $hitty.



Yay, we can now charge them 50m to City and Barca.


Boom. After Ozil and Sanchez, he’s the one I wanted to sign the most.


Fantastic news!!!