Granit Xhaka (34)


It’s not really a surprise that when it comes to pressing, he is often the primary target that opposition teams focus on.

Always feel like he has a mistake in him and will give the ball away cheaply or play a poor pass under pressure.


Fucking brain dead cunt. Who has a shit shot.

Gladbach fucking robbed us

Alexandre Lacazette (9)

At least he’s earning £10k a week less than Kante’s extortionate wage demands.


Another useless signing

“False economy” Charlie Nicolas said

he’s right


Fucking shit bag player


I thought false economy is an apparent saving that ends up costing you more in the long run, I don’t see how Xhaka fits that definition given he was something like the 3rd-5th most expensive central midfielder ever when we bought him.

Wenger went balls out and spent big money, it’s just been a fucking disaster.



what he means is we needed to spend a lot more to get more

Xhaka was a cheap option

we coulda got Arturo Vidal for instance who went to Bayern in the same window for £52 million ish

terrible judgement again

as yes a false economy does cost you more in the long run, just like Xhaka is coz he’s shit and we’ll never be able to sell him


But Xhaka wasn’t a cheap option. That’s exactly what I’m saying. He was between the third and fifth most expensive CM ever when we signed him.

I’m gonna need a source on Vidal because I don’t believe he cost that much. Also you say we could have got Vidal but we obviously couldn’t. Bayern were interested and no player in their prime chooses us over them.


Yeah, I think you pulled £52 million out of your arse there


I cant fucking well be arsed mate

look it the fuck up yourself if you’re that bothered

Xhaka was a terrible signing, we needed better and that would have required spending more than we did

but Arsehole Wanker didnt wanna spend it and thought this useless piece of shit would be good enough

he is no where near,m so for the want of £2 million or something to get a worldi we got a wankstain

= false economy


You just ignore points I make and don’t present much in the way of a good argument. Xhaka was not cheap, he was not an example of Wenger doing it on the cheap, he actually cost a lot of money.

More than Vidal and Kante, because if you look above you’ll see I could be bothered to do a quick Google.

Answer the point about him being one of the most expensive central midfielders ever when we bought him.


Wonder what his transfer value is currently?


The only players we have left with any value are our English players and that’s only because of their Englishness.

Mustafi, Xhaka, Bellerin etc. all of their values will have taken a significant nose-dive.


Pretty misleading and not ture. Pogba cost about 3 times more in the same window and Sissoko nearly as much. Drinkwater and Chamberlain would cost the same a year later, Veron cost nearly as much 14 years earlier

He’s a flop but he isn’t that much of a big money signing in the current market.


So you say it’s not true and then offer a load of examples of players that don’t make what I said untrue. Fucking top job there mate.


Xhaka wasn’t cheap but he wasn’t a player that we were in direct competition for with another club, like when Chelsea bought Kante.
We showed no real intent with him, even though he would have been ideal for us.

How many seasons had we waited before Wenger bought a player in that position?
That was the false economy.
Thinking he could get away with what we had, which was Coquelin and then the panic buy of Elneny, rather than going all out and getting the best we could afford a few seasons earlier.

There a lot of instances where Wenger has haggled or gone for the cheap option and then he has had to go out and buy players who’s value has gone up, because the cheaper players weren’t good enough, or he is stuck with the cheap option who are on stupidly high wages.


If we have any ambition, we will make this guy a squad player next season.
or best sell him.


He is so dopey lol

It’s like the brain meme.

Everyone else was on the 3rd or 4th one today, but Xhaka was on the first.

Takes him ages to do anything really.


I wonder if anyone has tried to measure “decision” time - would be fascinating to contrast this guy with the glorious CM we have had previously like Cesc and Santi, who had super-computers up top.


If WOB ever point to Xhaka as an evidence of Wenger losing his touch, I won’t ever have a comeback even if i push for it.
On my good trolly days, I can justify Santos, even Park but not Xhaka.
Anyone with an eye can watch his Gladback matches and tell he was not mobile & overall not a player you would purchase to be the answer of your midfield woes.

Crap just crap.
Coquelin > Xhaka


Fucking horrendous tonight. Can he do anything ?