Granit Xhaka (34)


We need a player that is a true midfield general and the heartbeat of the team in the centre of the pitch.

That’s what many were hoping for when he signed but seems we’ve been had tbh, at this point he is incredibly inconsistent and generally not up to handling the pressure of playing for a top team.

Perhaps he can still develop particularly under a new manager but as of right now I’d rather have Jack playing than Xhaka. There’s so much more to playing as a CM than Hollywood diagonal balls when you have time and space.


He passed to the opposition twice which could have seen us lose yesterday (when it was 1-0). He also is too slow or too lazy to close a player down and tackle. He’s far too easy to dribble past that it isn’t funny.


He seems to have weird 5-10 minute stretches in games where he’ll make a few unforced errors quickly. Just lapses in concentration? As a DM that must be erased from his game. I still believe in him though, he’s quite young for his position and his good work still goes unnoticed. Yesterday for example, criticism from everywhere yet again but good involvement in the first goal and was the start of some other promising moves. Most passes on the pitch at 94% at the end.


So bad. So Shit.


Not the only one though. The whole squad just don’t give a fuck. They beat Tottenham and that was enough for them.


I’m done with him and Ramsey. Ramsey maybe I could see as a 10 just because of his one good quality making timely runs into the box, but what use is it if he can’t finish them anyways. Xhaka tho is just useless, does he even have a thing he’s good at? We really really really need a massive overhaul in the middle of the park.




Terrible player. Always give the ball away in dangerous positions.


Trying his best to get Christmas off, maybe? :rofl:


Fed up of the sight of his stupid face


The guy just gives the ball away then fouls lol. Awful.


Seeing this guy play every week for us…feelsbad.


Stinks up the place with minimal effort.

Gladbach laughed all the way to the bank, we were desperate for a midfield general and didn’t even get a Boy Scout.


I hate to be this harsh but it seems he lacks basic intelligence at times. Just swings his leg at the ball blindly and hopes it goes where he wants it to. Giving the ball away in the dying seconds when we have a narrow lead and are under pressure is a criminal offense but he won’t be dropped for it so he’s comfortable.


Great white gooner has finally snapped, going innnnn today :grin:


:joy: brilliant


Considering Wenger doesn’t buy a player until he has had scouts watching him in over a hundred games, why have his recent transfers been so poor.
Is he doing it on purpose?


Been saying this for a while now, he seems to be openly sabotaging us ‘because he can’ he has gotten so headstrong because he has gotten away with so much for so long and STILL gets a new contract, i feel it is gone now to seeing how far he can test his boundaries or knows he is going so its a big middle finger to us fans and the club.


I defended him for a while, but now i’m sick of Xhaka dropping 5/10 (at best) performances and i’m sick of hearing commentators say “we know he can hit them” every time he gets the ball past the half way line.


the man just can’t seem to get his composure and act together, sadly. I really want him to fulfill the potential I was convinced into thinking he had when we bought it but he is currently so far away from it he is closer to being a liability in the squad I feel, which sucks. Never too late to change I guess, but please hurry lol