Granit Xhaka (34)


Does the coach make him pass 5 yards assists to the opposition? Does the coach make him wear lead boots so his first touch sees the ball bounce off him like rubber.


Looking at Spurs midfield with Dembele and ours with Xhaka and it’s hard not to think they are going to dominate the shit out of us in midfield today.




We definitely won despite him though, was pretty shit, did that Twitter thing work by the way?


He wasn’t shit at all. I think he had a solid game and was as disciplined as we’re likely to see him.




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great bants here guys.


Great the way Xhaka dad never lied to him as a kid.


No praise for a very good performance away from home?
He was great positionally and don’t think he misplaced a pass in the entire game.


And made a superb tackle on Gudmundsson.


Guy’s terrible, absolutely terrible. He just loves to lose the ball in dangerous positions.


So sloppy


Does he actually give a fuck? Not sure Denilson was this bad. Get rid


Lol forgot to record the game but even in a 5 nil win ppl are complaining?


Xhaka is a solid player and has a simple role, to control games and to start attacks with his passes. What do people want him to do? Just run around?


No but he should be able to control the game better there. Cazorla would’ve alleviated any pressure and the possession differences would’ve been way higher with even less chances - if any - for this clearly inferior huddersfield team, that weak play from especially the likes of Xhaka allowed them to have.

A player composed on the ball who is basically a metronome is what this team is crying out for. I hate all three but pirlo/xavi/busquets would be such a huge difference if they were there instead of xhaka, and I’m
not even talking about in their primes.


The thing is as soon as he’s put under any form of pressure, he loses control of the game. A more intelligent playmaking DM would know how to deal with pressure more competently.