Granit Xhaka (34)


Theo has zero league goals and zero league assists this season.


He’s hardly played in the league, those are EL and League Cup stats, and yes I’ve included all the stats from other comps for KDB and Aguero. When Theo is on the pitch he gets shit done. Theo has only played about 400 minutes of football and has 3 goals and 2 assists so far this year btw.


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618 minutes. You could look this shit up yourself you know. You said league so I pointed out his league stats.


Who scored has him at 400 minutes played with 3 goals and 1 assist. So he is aiding his team in scoring a goal once every 100 minutes. I said league because City play in the same league as us. Even from your stats it’s once every 150 mimutes which is still up there.


Xhaka is essentially the midfield version of Giroud. Slow and poor agility means he makes constant blunders because of physical limitation. But given the time to set himself he can make brilliant deep passes and long shots. His penetrative passes can be very impressive. That might mean he’ll always be essentially a hit and miss player. The problem is he’s also a player who’s showing poor intellect. But in the internationals his dribbling/close control looked much better but it’s probably playing to the crappy international level. So I’m unsure if he can become a good player for us.

Most misplaced passes - he averages 83 passes per game at 83% accuracy. Arteta used to average 90-92 percent while averaging not quite as many passes but up there. So he’s not performing at the level we expect.



Poor intellect is the killer… Arteta and Santi (and others) have shown you don’t have to be a dynamo in there and be highly effective.


Rubbish stat, lol. He’s an aggressive passer. Would pass at ~90% if he wanted.


This - he needs to iron out all of the stupid mistakes that cost us. I have little problem with attempting those ambitious passes when our team can be so placid.


Sadly he probably doesn’t even have ~90% in his backwards passes to defenders totally uncontested, in our shirt.


I believe in Xhaka’s talent


And it would be virtually an equally rubbish stat… the fact is, he gives away really bad passes too often and some of his long-balls are way off too. Yes, he clearly has that long, killer pass in him, but he also gives it away cheaply way too often.


This is a good read. I’ve warmed to him a bit more.


I believe there is a quality player in Xhaka, but that we will only see that under a coach who uses him properly. He is absurdly exposed in our system and deserves better to be honest.



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