Granit Xhaka (34)


Gotta give credit where it’s due. Xhaka had a great game on Sunday. He was composed, disciplined, and he cut down on his turnovers. Need to see this from him on a consistent basis.


True, I’ve been salty as f after his performances for a long time, but he was alright this time. Not great, but alright. Even with the odd pairing up with Ramsey, which on paper, for me, shouldn’t be great, but it was better than I thought.


Didn’t think Granit had the best game tonight tbh.


Yeah, starting to think he’s just shit. :frowning:


Barely noticed him this eve but then also didn’t see him do much wrong either and with elneny doing bits and Ramsey also having a good game I can live with him being quite


Still waiting, Granit…

Feel like we missed the boat on our midfield evolution completely… good thing Ramsey is playing better, but I fully expect him to revert to entirely brainless form once he gets cocky again.


He was probably the worst of the bunch vs West Brom, but the rest were excellent especially his partner Elneny, so that carried Xhaka a bit.


Wilshere Elneny is probs our best midfield pairing. Xhaka needs to be dropped weeks ago.


Shocked at his passing sometimes, it can go from brilliant to absolutely suicidal. Needs to get that out of his system, will it ever?


Apart from the games at Wembley and Stamford Bridge this season vs Chelsea Xhaka’s looked a shadow of the player who was pulling the strings for fun in the Bundesliga.

Some of his passing and decision making last night had me feeling like



Xhaka may be in a tough run of form but Xhaka-Ramsey remains our best pairing and both be vital parts of a midfield three if we ever move to that.




He has never been fast, tbh.


It’s definitely reached a point where we can stop blaming the system and start questioning if he’s just not suited to the Premier League. His lack of athleticism is beyond worrying. And he doesn’t have the intelligence to make up for it either.




Sorry but watching that is making me fucking seething. Xhaka could have easily caught Cleverly the lazy cunt. :disappointed:

35M he cost :joy:


I honeslty think the players are doing this on purpose if us fans are fed up with wenger imagine how thye must feel having to work with him every single fucking day but he wont go away. The players are snakes and fucking pussies, kissing his ass and sucking him off in interviews but then play like cunts and act like cunts on the pitch.


Fucking 35m passenger this guy. Does fuck all except a few long passes. Absolutely woeful at protecting the defence and is less mobile than Stephen Hawking


He even took the time to fake like he was going to move and then decided against it. Good thing Wenger doesn’t watch film. What would Fergie have done about that? Or more importantly how fucked off would Fergies players be with that kind of display from a teammate? What will our players reaction be to that laziness?


Good job Wenger doesn’t watch anything! Otherwise we wouldn’t have a team.