Granit Xhaka (34)


Iwobi and Ramsey should get a run out; it looked good for the last 12-15min


He needs to find his form of from the last 10 games of last season quickly


Xhaka is not an instinctive passer of the ball and to add to that, he is careless. That sloppy pass of his that cost us the goal against Stoke was made under no pressure. He had plenty of time to pick his man but yet made a mess. And there were a few such erratic passes in that game. Am really starting to think we have another typical Arsenal player in Xhaka, inconsistent, erratic, not under any pressure to improve

The question is, will the captain or the manager, or any of the senior coaches talk to him about it? Will he get a kick up his backside? Somehow, I don’t think so.


He makes a lot of those flat passes across the pitch into danger areas. He’s just a brainless player I think. If he were smarter he could probably be pretty good. Even though I rag on him for being slow as shit there are players like Per who are just as slow, but so intelligent, it doesn’t hinder them.


That’s why what Gerrard was saying was so rubbish, but people still fell for it I feel like (not here on the forum). He was claiming Arsenal needs to steel and agression. What Arsenal need are midfielders who have proper technical and ball retention skills, so that they can play under pressure.


Im coming to the conclusion its the style and pace of play of the premiership. He obviously has ability but maybe not suited to this league.
Another player who I think will become a better player when he leaves whose similar to him for me is Emre Can at Liverpool. You can see the promise but their not consistent enough too impose themselves on their teams.


Well ideally you get both, but a guy like that would cost upwards of 100m. A guy like Pogba who has all the talent but is kind of a primadona costs almost 100m nowadays.


I make that the 3rd direct giveaway that’s been intercepted and the opposition scoring this season.

Whatever position Ramsey is in, you can’t blame him for Xhaka’s lapses that are starting to mount up. He’s well and truly out of the honeymoon phase for me now,m. I like him but I’m questioning him


This guy is a fucking fraud.


In all the years of watching Arsenal not even flamini was this bad this many times in a row.


I know you’ll be all set up to gloat, but it’s not like it’s something he can’t iron out of his game. He’s got a lot of great qualities, I just need him to cut out the buffoonery. I would agree with you that I’d be close to dropping him, if we had someone worth dropping him for. Oxlade is no better


It’s safe to say that he’s been a dud so far. With Perez on his way out and Mustafi reportedly following we’re potentially going to look at 2016 summer as a horrible summer for signings.


Xhaka is a system player, you can’t put him in a two man midfield with Ramsey and expect him to flourish.


We seem to be carrying too many system players. And no system to fit all of them into.

The only person this 3 at the back benefits is Ox.

Switch to 4 at the back, 3 in midfield.


Couldn’t agree more, it’s comical really he’s basically playing CM on his own.


Him giving the ball away so cheaply has nothing to do with Ramsey sorry

Ramsey rightfully gets it in the neck, he’s guilty of it too. No free pass for Xhaka on that


Thought he was becoming good with our new system, instead not.


Both of the goals they scored Ramsey was nowhere in the frame though so I won’t slight his defensive shittness(until he gets sent off, already having made one bad challenge minutes after his yellow card) only his passing shitness for now.


He get’s caught out alot because his most viable outlet (his midfield parter) is too busy hanging around the opposition box!

A two man midfield is a very symbiotic relationship


I presume this details player position when he gave the ball away on the first goal yesterday and I’ve no idea whether its accurate or not but thought the tweet and those that follow are of interest.