Granit Xhaka (34)


I’ll concede he was less shit, but still shit.


I thought Chamberlain was better against Leicester than against Stoke, but still one of our better performers in both matches.

Still willing to bet he’d be rubbish again at centre mid tho


He needs to work on his fucking awareness, can’t believe he keeps gifting teams goals against us.


Seriously no different from having flamini in midfield. Flamini might actually be better.


Ehm. One of the reasons of Xhaka is being exposed is that Ramsey is not doing his job.


I seem to recall quite a few times Ox has given away the ball in dangerous areas in the last two seasons. And that has cost us plenty of goals. Ox in MC is not the answer. Neither is Xhaka.


So he’s back to being public enemy number one then.

Didn’t take long :joy:


He was garbage for the majority of the season. He had one good spell when the title was decided and nobody we played gave a shit anymore what a surprise.


Sounds a lot like a certain player you’ve spent the best part of God knows how long defending.


Theo actually comes up with big performances when we need them. Like scoring and beating stoke away last season for starters.



Seriously dude? Theo has been a massive disappointment for large parts of his Arsenal career.

Giroud has come up with big goals when we needed them, jeez even Danny Welbeck scored a pressure goal two years ago when we were allegedly chasing the title. I don’t know that Theo scoring goals away at Stoke really counts for much.


Saw the error he made and it really wasn’t as bad as some have made out, he made it in their half and no one got a foul on them or put them under pressure all the way back to the goal.

With that said he needs to get his shit together, however, the team did themselves no favours today which is a running theme more often than not.


Im back to being very worried about him again. He gives up the ball far to easily at times and its costly. Be very surprised if hes not high up on Klopps team talk next week as an individual to target.
Wish at the very least he could bring some of his frame into play and impose himself on teams like Stoke.
Blame tactics if you want but his dumb play at certain times is on him and yesterdays goal was started off him.
Yeah the defence was culpable too but its exactly the sort of situation Liverpool will thrive on.


Umm he left the back line totally exposed for a 3v3. Errors and misjudgments don’t have to happen in the six yard box to be considered a mistake. Monreals inexperience as a CB let us down afterwards, but Xhakas lack of intelligens and awareness started it all.


He wasn’t the only one, where was Ramsey?
As I said the defence were a shambles, Xhaka is there to be progressive with his passing, losing the ball in the opponents half can and will happen and should not allow a run of more than fifty yards resulting in a goal without some school boy defending.

Organisation of the whole team is piss poor.


It wasn’t about losing the ball, though. It was the idiotic run after to try and win the ball back when he was totally isolated, when it was bloody obvious he needed to move back and keep position.


It started with him, however, he wasn’t the only one at fault regardless.

He made a mistake sure but the rest of the team shouldn’t escape blame either, they were pushing up playing suicide football yet again.


The thing is the system is designed for the 6 and the three CBs to be the ones deepest on the pitch (which is why the system so far has suited Xhaka, because he drops deep and receives in space). Which is how it was here. It wasn’t exactly suicide football but rather the way the system looks in possession and Xhaka making a very bad individual error followed by the defenders not dealing with it.


Which was what I meant :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


The sloppy passing by Xhaka and constant loss of posession by shitters like Bellerin is putting the defense under unnecessary pressure. For the amount of times it’s happened already this season the defense has done well to save those situations for the most part. They can’t cover for sloppy play every single time. Midfield is 100% the issue, not the defenders.