Granit Xhaka (34)


Gonna be one of the biggest flops of the season for sure, considering his price.


imagine wasting energy hating on Ox when this clown is one of our midfielders. Christ almighty, he has nothing to his game.


Take it he was pressed then.


I actually thought Xhaka was one of our better players last night. Perhaps better is not the right word, but along with Emi, he was one of the least terrible.


I’d like to know his passing stats for last night, he was on the ball a lot but also misplaced quite a few passes, some of them simple balls out to Monreal/Bellerin



He really wasn’t as bad as some of you are making out actually wasn’t bad at all, in fact seems we must have been watching a different game altogether.

His stats against Palace, but yeah he’s a “clown” . Seems to be one of the players that gets stick no matter what.

130 touches
94 passes completed
88% pass accuracy
4 chances created
2 take ons
8 ball recoveries
2 tackles
2 blocks

@Phoebica : You beat me to it.


Stats seem okay but still I’d like to know via one of those heat map things how many of those were unnecessary passes made to Gabriel/Mustafi/Martinez.


They’re better than OK, he was out best player last night notwithstanding a few loose balls.


He’s a £35m “DLP” in a team with 72% possession, what kind of stats were people expecting him to have other than a lot of touches and passes and “chances”?


So what else is he supposed to do in this hopeless team?

He doesn’t do his job he gets criticised, he does his job in terms of play making and defensive duties also winning 100% of his aerial duels in addition to his other defensive contributions whereas damn near everyone else is poor and still gets criticised.

He’s the last one that should be getting a pasting after yesterday’s shit show.


He’d actually be good if he could tackle.

And move.


Nobody gets a pass in fucking season like this. If your part of 10 goals to Bayern and defeats against West Brom and palace you dont get plaudits or excuses.
Got praise after West Ham he can take criticism like the rest when we die against relegation fodder.


Simply put the criticism after yesterday is not justified.


Neither is praise imo.


Not sure who was praising him, I only said he was the best out of the bunch which obviously isn’t saying much but still.

Some were going way OTT in here, saying he has “nothing to his game” is just BS.


Think that remains to be seen.


I don’t agree with the statement made before, in fact I think he’ll prove many wrong with time.


Worst of all time? Oh please!


Cascarino can get in the bin then, no offence to our Irish contingent