Granit Xhaka (34)


Yeah he was pretty poor again, its starting to look more and more ajust like a shit signing if we are being honest.


Like I said, doesn’t look out of place in this team.


Didn’t get booked :frowning:


Credit where it is due. He had a good game.


Controlla’ :sunglasses: Top performance

Granit Xhaka vs. West Ham:

1 shot
120 passes
89% pass accuracy
133 touches
2 dribbles completed
4 tackles
2 aerial duels won


Elneny makes him good.

Coquelin makes him shit.


And Santi makes Coq look good.


Imagine how good Cazorla would look without carrying Monsieur “Born without feets”.




Anyone got that nutmeg on Mark Noble. Cheeky


That was probably his best game for the season if I’m being honest.


He plays very well with a “normal” player like Elneny as partner. Try to imagine him with a world class player near him…



While he was very good, I’ll hold back on the ‘all he needs is Elneny’ until he manages the same performance against a team who press him.


i was thinking each and every single one of their games together had been shite.


He does seem to play markedly better with anyone who’s not Coquelin.


That’s twice he’s played well against a poor Hammers side. He has generally been better with Elneny in midfield than Coquelin and Ramsey. They may as well be the first choice partnership for the rest of the season.


Those 4 seconds sum up entirely the sort of player I’d hoped he’d be.


It makes sense that he plays better with players with far better movement than Coquelin. It occupies the opponent’s midfield and gives Xhaka more time to play the right pass - which we did to great effect last night.

His best performances, for me, have been Watford away (Cazorla as partner), first half vs Bayern at home (Ramsey / Ox) and last night (Elneny). I don’t think Xhaka can be blamed personally for the second half against Bayern.


When we play teams who simply don’t want anything to do with the ball and are happy to be completely passive. Shock horror he looks good.

When we play teams who actually want to do something and press us and play fast. He’s basically been trash.