Granit Xhaka (34)


You could be me. I’m usually not that blunt though when I don’t want to talk to you.


Nah, I mean, that midfield is obviously better than anything that has featured Coquelin. Ramsey is awful as a #10, so yeah, I dunno, between him and Ox it’s much of muchness, both are idiots who occasionally play well. It’s Xhaka- who the fuck cares really- Özil for me. Wouldn’t mind seeing Xhaka-Iwobi-Özil if Iwobi could improve his defensive understanding a bit.


Does the back 4 need protecting? Every time we put in a player with this idea we fail anyway. If we’re talking “defensive sense” then there probably isn’t a player in this squad capable of doing the role anyway. No point putting in Coquelin because his FIFA card says “DM” on it when he’s playing crap.


From what we have seen this season, Bellerin is not a good defender, likes to go up and needs Mustafi to cover his place.
Monreal is another year older and deteriorates like free fall. If he is our starting LB next season, he could be our weakest link of our defensive line (I won’t say so ATM). Gibbs??? Don’t kid me.

Mustafi, probably the best to control and distribute the ball among all defenders. A good CB no doubt . I don’t have stats in front of me, but whenever I watched (about 10 times) him play, he likes to carry the ball up front (probably our DM/CM can’t do this??). He is the opposite of Per, who likes to sit back and protect the other CB.

Kos, our best CB, got hotheaded once in a while, also like to bomb forward. So far I like the Per-Kos combination more because they cover each other weaknesses. Mustafi-Kos combo doesn’t give me that kind of confidence.

That’s why I believe an extra protection is needed.


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Probably you trust Ox… :slight_smile:


lol c’mon mate, I don’t think the meaning is that obscure.


What a diabolical team lol


Great assist!


A user from arseblog translated a recent interview with Xhaka done by the Swiss publication Tagesanzeiger. It’s a bit long so it’s probably better to read it straight on their page. Some interesting insight and he talks about his early days at Arsenal and what happened at Heathrow.


Got to love Wenger for his words of support over the racism thing.


Very interesting interview…I like Xhaka on and off the pitch


Great interview. He’s a very direct and good guy.


I still have high hopes for Xhaka.

But boy is he going to get screwed if he continues to be managed by Wenger.


Still waiting for him to show up with something more than a yellow card for a reckless challenge.


Yeah I didn’t get a chance to watch much of the match due to family commitments, but in the short period I did watch, he diabolically misplaced a straightforward pass and committed a dumb foul… maybe new manager is the answer, but pretty disappointed with him regardless.


Obligatory yellow and some positional idiocy on their second goal.

I’m holding out hope that a new manager can turn him around but it looks like we spent a lot of money on a flawed player and paired him with a flawed coach.


He was definitely really bad today but my god our passing and build-up play is just epically bad, it truly is hard to find words to describe how disjointed and poorly coached we look. I don’t envy him, tbh, playing in an environment like this I honestly find it hard to make anything but the most basic of judgments of him. Honestly have no idea how his career is going to go.


The best thing I can say about Xhaka is that he doesn’t look out of place in this team.


Yeah, this guy is completely brainless. He is a walking red card in every game.