Granit Xhaka (34)


He can do exactly that with his three match suspension.


Wenger on Xhaka: “He has a fantastic attitude on a daily basis. He’s been marvellous to handle - commitment, focus, dedication”

Xhaka for the next captain, yep sound good to me.


I know that feeling. I’ve been having this kind of a week since April 2016.


Oh no


White bitch.


Don’t know whether to laugh or cry


It’s a good song and all but I’d really rather have a song about Atom and Humber to be honest. The fan base hate it but it would be fucking hilarious imo to sing about Alexis’ dogs while mocking the opposition, troll level expert if that were to happen.


The only thing i can think of as regards to that chant is…:gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:

Suppose it is better than that kid that did the olly olly olly guuuurrrrroooooud one :poop:


If anyone wants to know who put up the stupid banner with Sanchez and his dogs, here is the likely suspect,

Who wrote those lyrics?
Bob Dylan.



Granit definitely got that Thug Passion :wenger:


Is he back for Hull?


Aka probable cause.


Game after I think, no?


He will return after Hull.


Only to be red carded and have an extra 5 games off :cech: :gabriel:


I read just after his last red card that by the time we play Bayern he’d have been suspended for something like 27% of our league fixtures.

Edit: here’s where I read it


3 games + 4 games with 25 leagues games played when we play Bayern


e:/ Given that he was also suspended in the FA cup the number should be slightly lower though but I can’t be bothered to look it up.

e2:/ it’s actually just 20%, 5 games in 25.


Thanks Rachel Riley.


I will concede, average player and a poor signing.