Granit Xhaka (34)


I’m not sure why we have gone from racism to sexism, it certainly doesn’t support your perspective. Though i do understand why you have drawn a comparison, we should really stay on topic.

Do you think the reason you struggle to get work is because of your CV? Sorry if I have misunderstood and you aren’t referring to yourself. Only I know plenty of successful minorities in plenty of different companies from communities all accross London.

We live in a predominantly white country, ofcourse that means opportunity for anti white racism is far less common here, however that isn’t the same as it not existing here, and certainly no indicator as to whether or not it exists elsewhere in the world.


Indeed. Probably best to move it to another thread if ye fancy continuing the discussion. :slight_smile:


If your telling me you don’t believe that minority’s and women are under represented in the very top positions in every single industry there is then I think we should stop this right here


Firstly not what i said, secondly, correlation and causation… if you would like to continue this further would you mind making a thread?

As @shamrockgooner said, we should probably call it a day in this thread. However sham i will point out, this discussion is on topic given todays events.


Don’t think I’ll bother making a thread, nothing much constructive would be said given your responses here :call_me_hand:t6:


Fair enough. :blush:


Being professional means not breaking the law and not bringing the face of the company into disrepute.

Anyway would you say the same about the 2 Leeds players who attacked an Asian lad leaving him on life support? ‘Ahh well they were off duty, fair dos’.


It is not about representing Arsenal or not, as a mature citizen and human being, you should not break the “LAW”.

By the way, I don’t see consistency from Wenger on “representing” Arsenal.
Jack got caught smoking, and Giroud got caught sleeping with a woman other than his spouse (if you believe they did nothing the whole night but just chit chatting) the night before game day. Wenger handled it differently.


As are people from under priveldged backgrounds, which is probably a bigger factor.

Anyway your idea that systematic racism doesn’t happen to whites is simply wrong. Just look at the Rotherham Sex Abuse cases for a case in point.


Both are personal slacking issues and quite different to abusing a fellow human being.


Shame, wouldn’t have minded being Xhaka’s white bitch.


I agree being from a poor background can be just as much of a handicap

And again I didn’t say it dosent happen I said it’s not an issue for society as a whole, reverse racism isn’t something we should waste a lot of time talking about.


It really depends on what you did (good or bad), and should not jump to straight conclusion and simply say the players “representing” the team/company/organization…

Having one or two incident(s) won’t affect the team’s image, unless you are like the Portland Trailblazers in the 90’s that having almost the whole team of druggies (and tattoos) and being named as Portland Jailblazers…

Will Wenger’s push and Xhaka’s racist comment affect Arsenal’s image? Absolutely not.


White guy calling a woman ‘whie bitch’ is not racism and his English is not good enough for him to even be genuinely racist.

Much like how black guys address each other with profanity with word black thrown here & there.

It’s general abusive language.


Interesting :cech:


No thats still racist…


Maybe he called her a ‘lilywhite bitch’ having just uncovered her sick and unholy allegiance.

Surely any sane judge would cite justifiable cause and throw it out immediately.

Granit’s legal team can have that one for free. The next one will cost, unless it’s against a minority, in which case I’m out.


^^^ howling :joy:

Xhaka is a bit mental clearly. But I like it.


Sounds like he is having one of those weeks where you just can’t wait until Friday for the week to end, to be in bed and not come out the house again until Sunday.


Lock him up! :wink: