Granit Xhaka (34)


He is already engaged :wink:


No I clearly said it can happen but it dosent effect your daily life or ability to be successful so their is a massive difrence


And you’d probably have to convert


Aahh. The rubbish ‘rolemodel’-argument. Fuck off with that tbh. They are still their own person. If he happens to have the character of a proper cunt, that so be it.


His fiancée is really hot too! Bet he doesn’t call her a fucking white bitch!

Tut tut Granit


Not sure about this, on the pitch fine be the worlds biggest scumbag but I’d prefer if our players weren’t arseholes to normal people in the real world




I really couldn’t care less what they are doing in their private lives. I feel like for footballers, or celebs in general, their professional careers and private lives are blurred unfairly.


No they don’t nor should they and I do’t I expect them to.

This incident has got nothing to do with his professionalism in relation to footballing activities and Arsenal. I don’t know what kind of response you want from the club tbh.


Seems like that’s changing though.

My mate is a world-class wildlife photographer, with a top degree from a great uni and he didn’t get a job at the BBC because he didn’t tick the diversity box. He showed me the feedback form where that was written haha

You’re never going to get equality in society by discriminating the other side instead. That’s how we ended up with Trump.


Indeed. They’re here because football is a meritocracy, not because they are role models. If you want to make football a sport about the best players who are also cultivated individuals who double as role models then enjoy watching the game ruled by Mkhitaryan, Mata, and Granero, and we’ll probably end up hating them anyways, Granero at least, because he’s an intolerable phony intellectual. :grimacing:

That’s cause she’s tan af

Not a fan tbh, quick google search shows her looking rather gypsy depending on the photo.

like here:


Really not sure that’s how we ended up with Trump tbh. :grimacing:


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Ive been turned away from a job because i didnt tick a box. But im white so it doesnt count :wink:


But was your skin colour or last name the reason you were turned away? Or what exactly?


It’s no doubt tough being a white man but at least you’re not gypsy, I can be openly racist towards them and no one gives a fuck, not even them, as long as they can sell me a weird scented plant thingy and read my fortune and get a chance at swiping my wallet out my back pocket.


If that’s gypsy than 90% of South European woman look rather gypsy :laughing: ? Or I have to miss something/don’t get the meaning.


Nah, only the gypsy looking ones look gypsy, so like 10%.


The world is litrelly your oyster ffs…

plenty of men have also been turned away from jobs in favour of women in industry’s that have been judged to not have a proportionate amount of women in that industry, are you also into men’s rights or do you understand sexism is also a massive problem in our society?


You said racism doesnt affect me because im white, dude. No need to get punchy because i’ve experienced otherwise.


And sexism has affected a fair few blokes lives, that doesn’t mean reverse sexism is something that needs to be addressed in the world

And sorry to be pedantic but I’m pretty sure you’ve had no problem getting a difrent job you applied for and you don’t regularly get rejected from Jobs because your white? Your daily life is every single day not once or twice