Granit Xhaka (34)


You do realize Coquelin gave away a penalty in the few minutes he was on?


Indeed. Wreckless of him tbh.

Kos has also given away a penalty or two, doesn’t mean he is limited.


Two red cards and two times he almost costed us the games. Need to have his head checked.


Just thought this game really did not provide the opportunity to argue Coquelin>Xhaka. :wink:


We knew he was a walking red card when we signed him to be fair. I definitely think his reputation precedes him though but, although I thought it was a harsh red, having watched it again and seen this rule pointed out, I guess we can’t have any arguments.


Obvious red card & Xhaka is a dumb cunt.


No, luckily i have the luxury of forming my opinion based on what i’ve seen in nearly 30 games though. :slight_smile:


First season, I expect better but Coquelin now that’s one hell of a guy you should expect to keep his nerve.


Good tackle IMO


It’s a red card. However I was disappointed with the refs because we’d suffered a couple tackles like that previously with no bookings at all going Burnley’s way.

Xhaka is pretty good, he just needs to fix a couple things in his game. Arsene will make him into a diamond no worries fellas.


We can only hope he turns it around and goes on a similar path to what someone like Vieira managed here. He always seemed to rack up a lot of red cards, but more than made up for it with other qualities.


All the talent in the world is fucking pointless if you get 9(!) red cards in two years.

Misses the next 4 games apparently, is that right? Absolutely fucking useless.


Yeah extra match ban for a second red.

At the start of the season I saw his red cards as a good thing in the sense that we needed an angry player, someone who wasn’t scared to go into challenges. But as has been pointed out, unless you’re going to play like Viera or Keane, the suspensions will become tiresome.


He’ll iron it out of his game within a season, or he won’t be at the club long, simple as that I reckon.

Doesn’t diminish the fact that Xhaka/Ramsey is starting to work quite well as a partnership.


It’s not really is it. Standard of opposition we’ve played recently is the ideal level for Ramsey to do well at.

His faffing about today would not be acceptable against better teams.


Well I think whichever combination of Xhaka/Ramsey/Coquelin/Elneny you could put out in an away game at Chelsea in their current form, we’re going to come out 2nd best.


He’s hardly making it any easier for us by missing 4 games when we’re in need of midfield quality and depth. Also both red cards this season were so stupidly unnecessary it hurts. In general just not quite yet the season you’d expect and he needs to improve quickly.


Fucking liability. No wonder Wenger didn’t play him for so long.


He was playing great passes, what he’s supposed to do. Why let a red card cloud your judgement.


Never a red card in a million years. Jon Moss is an incompetent cunt