Granit Xhaka (34)


I think it’s fair to say we should be expecting more from someone you spend 30million on. Yes I know he didn’t ask for that price tag and to live up to that price tag. But more consistent performances would be the bare minimum.

We’ve seen him have a great game or two, but also littered in there is a bad game or 5.


4-3-3 would be a good option particularly in away games if we had a more versatile manager.


Exactly. It’s here where Xhaka is more vulnerable.


Quite an idiot sometimes :slight_smile:


Absolute clown.


His reputation has done a lot of damage. It wasn’t a red card, but he shouldn’t be making challenges like that and thus giving the referee the option.


I want him to become good and I think he will. But his passing is so weak, no composure.


As its his second red card. 4 game ban.

Hope we appeal it though. Wasn’t a red card. Joke referee


How was it not a red card?


Just because tackles like that aren’t always red doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. Was definitely uncalled for and something ref’s need to be consistent with.


Well Jon Moss is certainly consistent. Sent off Xhaka twice this season!


So this guy will be good for missing 10 games a season through suspension.


Well. What a stupid cunt.


Imagine watching Xhaka and thinking Coquelin is in anyway the most limited midfielder at the club.

Xhaka is a walking train wreck.


Needs to get that out of his system ffs. No need to have this aggressive game to his play


Aggression is great, vital infact. His issue is a complete fucking lack of co-ordination.


Imagine watching Xhaka and not thinking that.


Rash. Just when you needed a period of sustainability alongside a new partner in Ramsey… he misses (and forces us to use Le Coq/Rambo) Southampton, Watford, Chelsea and Hull.

He has talent but this rashness is a massive blemish against his name right now.


Sorry buddy. Not interested in your bias. :wink:


Serious question: Is Xhaka stupid?