Granit Xhaka (34)


Now we realize how “good” Arteta was.


StatDNA signings aren’t a real thing. Not as a standalone at least. In no world did Wenger let a computer sign a player and given that he’s a renowned football nerd it’s pretty likely he watches plenty of bundesliga so knew plenty about Xahka when he signed.


Xhaka should play Serie A. Think it is his level.


If it was kids football their last pick and both going in goal.


Well it’s a good job this is men’s football where a good possession retainer like Arteta carries importance and value.


Xhaka Weigl swap deal? :grinning:

Speaking on Sky on Sunday, Watzke addressed Dortmund’s need for an aggressive leader in holding midfield and said Alonso, the former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich player who retired in 2017, is what they need.

“We need another player who has that evil look at times – someone who will go in a tackle to hurt,” Watzke said. “I’ve admired Xabi Alonso.”

Dortmund have Julian Weigl, but Watzke said the Germany international still needed experience to grow into that role.

“He’s not got the body yet,” Watzke said. “Maybe he also needs to be more evil.”


Highway robbery… sadly, other clubs have scouts and would have to believe that it is just a terrible fit and Xhaka is really a much better player than he is showing with us (which to be fair, is possible, but I highly highly doubt it).


Interested to hear peoples’ thoughts on this

Definitely see these guys making runs but then Laca for example stopped because he was never being picked out.

Every time I watch arsenal there is either no movement or nobody passes to the guy making runs, instead moving it sideways.
The amount of times Bellerin got a nothing ball at the NLD triggered me no end.

To me it is confirmation that we are now playing an ugly mutated form of Wengerball. It’s like if the football of 07-11 got a malignant tumour.


This guy only takes risks in tackling; he did the same thing against spurs where he did not try the through ball the auba


as i have been saying for ages and people didnt wanna accept it, Lacazette is not getting fed the correct balls that the likes of Fekir used to serve him with, even Ozil is doing this, so many fucking times the strikers are in a position to get a good throughball and they are in on goal but they pass sideways or hold onto it for too long and the chance is gone or a split second too long by the time the oppositions defense push up and then the striker is flagged offside and everyone is ‘why cant thee fucking strikers stay onside’ its fucking rediculous and you can see Lacazette getting really annoyed with it. I dont know what the fuck is with Xhaka he doesnt mind taking risks with fucking stupid tackles and wreckless brain dead balls to nowhere but he wont take a smaller risk on a ball that can get a striker through on goal.


I won’t believe this is not Wenger’s instructions.

Remember Elneny first joined us, he took a long shot and then said Wenger told him not to shoot story?


Why will Wenger discourage forward passes when he has never done so with any other player?

Wenger even allowed Song to be ambitious with his passing.

Xhaka is just a dud.


Song thought he was peak-Pirlo ffs and Wenger absolutely loved it. No way he’s ‘coaching’ that out of Xhaka.

This signing may well go on to be one of the most out-of-place signings this club has made. I can’t figure out if it’s Wenger’s misuse of him or simply that Xhaka worked better in a differently suited system and is rigid to it.

In the same summer, we signed Mustafi; a combative, mobile CB that has the knack for playing the ball out of the back and through the lines. This bodes well with how Wenger wants his team to play because even when we work ourselves out from a deep position and gain dominance in possession, the CB’s push up to the half way line, compacting the opposition’s half of the pitch. There, Shkodran would naturally assert himself if the ball is played back to him and make a pass.

Basically, if Mustafi has the potential to advance forward and make those kind of passes, then Xhaka is useless. There’s not enough room to impose himself, he doesn’t have the nowse to act quickly enough and distribute and I don’t think he has the ability to thread the ball through on the ground in those situations, certainly not accurately enough.

Jack Wilshere works as either a DLP or B2B as he clearly has both sets of attributes. Given there was uncertainty surrounding his future and injury worries, maybe Wenger wanted a similar, proven player that came close to that profile. I just don’t see Xhaka gaining the nimble footedness of a player like Wilshere, Ramsey or Cazorla, for the more extreme profile in what we would deem a ‘proper’ Arsenal-y attacking midfielder.


Soooo, sooooo soooooo poor. He and Denilson are 1A and 1B the most consistently bad Arsenal players I’ve ever seen.


I don’t even know what his role is.
Defense? Offense? Link up??


Big Black Hole.


Are you talking porn??? :stuck_out_tongue:


And maybe that is why he looks a talented player for his other club and shit for ours, if we are thinking this and noticing this how the fuck is he meant to function in a team where he doesnt know what the fuck he is doing. I think it is the same with all of our players the defense dont know how to work with each other the midfield dont know what they are doing and the forwards cant count on the midfield to link to them and end up coming back to meet them to get in the game it is a fucking joke!


Not on this occasion unfortunately :joy:

EDIT: Elneny should comfortably be playing over this bum, your fee should not dictate your standing in the team.

Should have been riding the bench for a good while now, either improve (highly unlikely) or sit your 1 dollar ass down.


He is almost worse to have on the pitch than nobody… and combined with our absolutely keystone cops routine at the back, it feels like a goal conceded per game before we even kick the ball.

New manager and never see this mug play for us again. To think people like Cesc, Santi, Arteta, Vieira, Gilberto, and others graced our CM under AW. I honestly don’t know whether to break my computer keyboard or cry into it.