Granit Xhaka (29)


He’s played about 30 games for the club, if we’re judging his long term suitability based on a block of 30 games then we’re in trouble. It’s his first season, give him time, give him a manager other than Wenger.

Price tag judgment, which is increasingly less relevant for big clubs in the modern game


I agree, i just hope he isnt gonna be another one of those players that we keep on saying ‘he needs more time’


I am just going on the evidence I have so far… I think he may well turn into a very fine player for us, but based on evidence I have on hand so far, I am not betting on it. His physical, technical and mental limitations are worrying for his age, especially in our system with our manager.

Re: price tag judgment - I agree; however, there is opportunity cost to consider. Once we start spending 70, 80+ million, we are running into a limit for us… but more importantly, you get Xhaka and keep him means you don’t get someone else. This has been our biggest issue with keeping so many of our “pretty good” players.


I hope so too… based on the same argument I’d have some of the recent long term first team starters moved on immediately, but not with someone we haven’t seen for at least a second season.


I don’t think people are writing him off, but are concerned. It isn’t so much that he looks out of place or disjointed with teammates, etc. - things that come with learning how to play in a system with a new team. His technique (first touch), composure, and moments of panic are what worry me. He is old enough that he should be more clever and I certainly thought his technique would be better. At this point I am looking at him more like a scout than someone who is evaluating his performance (although always a bit of both) - do I see someone who turns into a great player for us? Not really.

Can he be solid performer and contributor for years on a team fighting for CL spots? Yep, probably.


Don’t slag a slag ,slag David Price was one of my favourite "Non Superstar " Gooners and a slag !


Saw him play for the celebs here in Sutton a few years back…living in Croydon…


I think most are concerned with his lack of mobility and his poor judgement in tackling. If he hasn’t improved on those two attributes by now at his age, then I doubt he will overnight. His passing seems to be his only positive at the moment. Jury still well and truly out on Granit but moreso on the manager for spending so much on him.


From last season but still I love this guys game, such a shame we barely even got a hand full of games with him and Santi pulling the strings together.


Hes a fucking tragedy this prick.


Another terrible performancs from our £38.25m man.


On a sidenote why did he get booked for Emre Can’s challenge on Walcott ??




Can should have seen a 2nd yellow


Agreed. Just answering your question fella.


But yeah let’s fucking hope we see a different player next season or this will be a disastrous purchase.


Once Coq made way for Ox and the bulk of the attacking was handled by Alex, Xhaka didn’t look quite as terrible. Howver he did get skinned alive leading to that break and ultimately the 3rd goal for pool. So he’s slow, clumsy, can’t tackle, no technical ability, gives the ball away under pressure. First time in a long time I think Wenger whiffed completely on a player.


Happy to give him more than this season. No getting away he’s been poor though.

Hopefully Wenger leaves and we get to see him better in season 2


He’ll be better under a new manager


Xhaka definitely deserves another season before being judged. I feel like we haven’t really seen “him” yet. He doesn’t seem to have any direction - and that is ultimately down to the manager!