Granit Xhaka (29)


I dont know how or where he fits in but his performances have been shit and he was a long long time target for us .


Sometimes I feel like you read through threads to see what the general consensus is and then you take the complete opposite view.


Not at all, most like Xhaka. I just don’t have unrealistic expectations.


Most people are thoroughly unimpressed with out £38m midfielders performances. His lack of athleticism wouldn’t be a worry if he was composed on the ball but the moment he’s put under any sort of pressure the guy buckles.


It seems like we haven’t done anything, but make obvious deals in the past 6 years. Arteta, Mertesacker, Giroud, Mustafi, Xhaka, Cech and even Cazorla to a degree. The times of finding unknown gems seems to be gone under current management. Yeah, Elneny and Gabriel were less obvious, but not particularly good.


He’s a class passer of the ball, that’s what is required of a Arsenal midfielder.


He isnt even a David Price… Price wasnt the greatest but he could do the job asked of him… This fella has no composure, no presence and is a liability. And he cant pass.


I feel for Xhaka a little because Wenger’s essentially been using him as a b2b midfielder since we signed him, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why but it’s one of the reasons he’s looked like a fish outta water at times, I’m not excusing some of the wreckless/needless tackles he’s made but more often than not they’ve all been in the opposing teams half where Xhaka’s can easily be skipped past and left for dead due to his mobility & I’m not condoning the way he’s hacked down men so far this season because some of the challenges his made have just be plain stupid, but at least his got the train of thought to stop other teams counters in the tracks which can’t be said for any of our other midfielders.

As for not looking composed on the ball it has been a little concerning but Xhaka can only do so much with the ball when he gets double/triple pressed by the opposition & none of our other midfielders make themselves available as ancillary options around him, can’t help but feel some of our players expect him to spin on a six pence at times like Santi and avoid the high press all on his own.

Honestly it might be a little hyperbolic but think even Toni Kroos would get exposed in the role Xhaka’s currently playing for us.

You’ve only got to look at the way Bruno pulls the strings for Villarreal to see how we should be utilising Xhaka’s ability.


You must be talking about the Xhaka that played in the Euro’s for Switzerland, not the one we have seen represent Arsenal for the most part.


Lol! She is clearly a wum.


How exactly? Imagine not rating Xhaka. He’s class, best midfielder we have.


No wonder we are in such a mess then!



Not saying he’s had the best season. He’s the best on ability. Wilshere too but he’s on loan atm, Cazorla is old now.


Having taken your advice, I’m afraid I have to question your conclusion.

I found it remarkably easy to imagine not rating Xhaka.

Then again, my imagination shouldn’t really be relied upon since I’ve been imagining us winning the league for ages now and it doesn’t look like its going to happen any time soon.


Xhaka is only 24. Give him a break.


Problem is though, we have that attitude with a lot of our players, Walcott was only 21, only 23 only 24…now he is fucking close to 30 and STILL looks raw! It seems a lot of our players never realy get any better they just dont improve they seem so static in abilities sometimes even getting worse.


With the difference being that Walcott has been with us for 10 while Xhaka hasn’t even played one full year.


He can come good, no doubt… showed more in Germany than he is showing now, so there is that to hope for… on the other hand, he has been mediocre at best for us. Saying he is our best midfield just shows how calamitous the situation has evolved into…

We have a collection of pretty good players again - on top of that a star that is fading/old and a promising injury prone player (Wilshere). Unless Ox somehow has a brain transplant with Zidane, he won’t make it long-term in the middle imho and so far signs aren’t all that great for Xhaka.

Actually, I’m not even sure Xhaka is the best of this sorry lot - El Neny might very well be (granted, I do believe Xhaka’s ceiling is higher, but who knows if he hits it). Le Coq has also showed much higher level in the last couple of years, so one could argue he is very similarly profiled to Xhaka but with better athleticism and tackling and worse passing (although I have seen very little of Xhaka’s vaunted passing in the prem).


Walcott has 100 goals, he’s done fine for an above average player. Xhaka is clearly talented and he’s being written off only being here for 6 months.