Granit Xhaka (29)


Very poor against a poor opponent. Not good, absolutely not good.


Yeah I’m really concerned about this guy, but I want to see him under a new manager before writing him off completely.


Yeah, the first sason is always difficult coming from another league.


Yeah he needs time to adjust to the high pace of the National League :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I lol’d in real life.


I think next season *Wenger has to adjust a system that focuses on Xhaka’s dlp qualities. We’re not one to have a great plan B (Giroud aside) and I think he gambled too much by relying on Cazorla to shake off his injury woes.

I have to say, we’ve seen glimpses early in the season of how effective Xhaka can be in this team but it really seems like it comes down to system/partnership if he is used as a fulcrum in the team.

A lot of decisions to be made in that regard.

*Alleggers pls


Xhaka and a rejuvenated, healthy Wilshere (:grimacing:) as our midfield two going into next season anyone?

Assuming Granit learns to tackle. That’s a combination to get potentially excited about. The second best sprayer of a ball in our team after Cazorla, with Wilshere as your midfield runner


This partnership stuff and being misused is okay to a degree but for 35 million I at least expect him to look a touch above all the Sutton midfielders. He didnt.


I think it’s time to move to a midfield 3, a midfield 2 is not working and teams would stroll past those 2 and Ozil


We need a world class CM. None of our current midfielders are good enough to win a title. No matter what combination we use, its never strong enough and we always lose the midfield battle in big games.


Hmm, I wonder what the common denominator is there :wenger:


So according to the club accounts we actually spent £38.25m on him.

Makes his lack of composure even more concerning.


I wonder if we could have got Kante for that sort of money.


Source? Not because I’m doubtful of what you say, but because I’d like to see the official club accounts


I’ve read it on the BBC site.

But the official club accounts are published somewhere on the club-site.


Yeah I read it on the BBC site which took it from the club accounts. Check the link posted above.


Am I the only one who hasn’t been disappointed by this signing at all?

We’ve been poor and people look for a lightning rod. The only people in our squad who get little blame for poor results are Sanchez and Koscielny.


More than them 2 get the blame mate.


I was saying they are the two who don’t get the blame! Sorry if not clear.


Sorry thats my mistake.