Gonzalo Higuaín


Theres no fucking correlation between those two things for us.


Quality comeback.



Are we magic?


Haha i wasnt reading properly, thought it was about us spending somehow. :gunnersaurus:


How exactly does season ticket prices and our transfer expenditure relate then? I mean after last summer this years season ticket should have been cheap as chips, with free chips and a beer every game… though I guess that would be copying the foxes.

The finances of a megaclub like Arsenal are not quite as simple as if we spend more we need to charge the fans more.


And some people say this forum has gone downhill…


No one says that other than sad cases like you and Trion who think you’re getting e-bullied by the mods.


How long have you been a total dick, was it a recent change, or was it when you thought your opinion actually mattered,because mate, it really doesnt…


I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a total dick or at any point when I thought anyone’s - my own included - opinion actually mattered in the grand scheme of things.

You want to hug it out bru?


Always, bru…love a good hug,x


Don’t fucking touch me.


Probably the only striking signing this summer that would have showed some balls by AW and the board. Maybe not the right move, but clear upgrade on GIroud with potential to bang in lots of goals even if we would have to overspend. Fact is, days of NOT overspending for attacking players is over and we missed the boat - f*ing economist AW failed leading up to the last year or 2 when inflation massively kicked in.

Let us all take consolation in the fact that we have lots of dry powder.


Best line ever. Fucking lolmotherfuckinglol!


Anyone talking about Juve winning the CL is having a laugh

No it won’t, PL money just doubled and won’t go up again for some time. The market has gone up with extra PL money. Anyway Higuain in 3 years will be worth peanuts.

Nah, Real needed to raise money for the Bale WR and flogged the CF they rated the least. Benzema is more of a team player who will press and link up, which they needed with 2 attacking wide forwards. Higuain has always been a lazy fecker.


The TV deals expires in 2019, so Craigie wasn’t that far off.


They made it to the CL with lesser squad, so what on earth are you talking about?

We’re not going to agree on your latter point.


The same thing happened when Baggio left Fiorentina for Juventus. Viola fans went furious. You never want one of your players to go to Juventus.


I guess Juve are going to pay the release clause? If so that’s insane and I’m not surprised we’ve been priced out. However if it turns out that Napoli accepted 50m or so for him that is downright stupidity for us not to be in the mix. Especially considering that I’m sure Napoli would rather sell to us if we came in with a similar bid, probably could even get him for 5m less.


Fine. Let me try to discuss this in civil manner.
Should we do here or say create a temporary thread?

Or should we not bother since you consider all my opinions wrong right off the bat?


That one.