Gonzalo Higuaín


It’s apples and oranges really, PEA has much more pace and is hence a better counter attacking forward. He’s also better in the air and will score more from set pieces. Higuain is a far better striker of the ball and can score from anywhere around the box regularly and has better close control.

I’d take PEA if both are the same price because PEA gives you 6 years service Higuain 3. So in reality Higuain is twice as expensive per year.

Although I think both are above our budget for a single player.


I’d put PEA above Higuain…and wouldn’t put Higuain alongside the best strikers in the world. He is a top striker but not as good as you think. AND as for Schneiderlin, we will likely be sold this summer so won’t get the chance - couldn’t replicate his form for Southampton at Utd which is why we were right not to buy him last season.


Why are they not winning the CL anytime soon? They’ve got a coach, who is right up there with the best. They were in the final in 14-15 and were the better team now this year, when they got knocked out against Bayern (who, for my money, were the best team in Europe this season).

Higuain is as good as the best of them. But I agree, it’s probably not really a good thing, to spend all that money on a 29 year old. They usually sign old players on a free, and then spend most of their money on top talents instead. This, by comparison, doesn’t really seem to be anywhere near as intelligent.


Then you’d be alone, hilarious that you think he isn’t one of the best strikers in the world.

This is someone who has regularly kept Aguero out of the Argentinian national team for years and still continues to do so.

I’m not going to take this thread off topic anymore concerning Schneiderlin except to say he isn’t getting sold.


Higuain isn’t anywhere near as good as Aguero…and I didn’t say that PEA was one of the best strikers in the world, I said he was better than Higuain - there’s a difference…

And there is a point about me bringing up your love and fapping for Schneiderlin last summer - you were wrong about him - isn’t good enough for a top team which is why he will be shipped out by Utd or only used as a squad player next season.


If Aguero is oh much better why does Higauin keep him out of the national team? This has occurred under the tenure of different managers by the way including Aguero’s former father in law Maradona.

Your argument is pretty piss poor just statement with jack shit to back it up but I’m not surprised.

Oh and would you STFU about Schneiderlin it’s beyond lame you’re still going on about that more than a year later.


Hospital La Moraleja!

Why did he go to Madrid to have his medical done¿?


He was already there.


Because while they made the final they were played off the pitch and since then they’ve lost their whole midfield, which was their strength and they have a very old average age of squad. What’s their midfield 3 going to be now? Hermenas, Khedira, Marchisio? It doesn’t quite cut in the latter stages of the CL.


I think more people would agree with me…most would opt for PEA or Aguero over Higuain. I still think Higuain is a top striker, and would have him at Arsenal, but I’d take either of the other two over Higuain…

IF Higuain was such a good striker why did Real sell him three years ago?

AND no I won’t - you were wrong about Schneiderlin last year and like now you were angry with anyone else who disagreed…don’t think your judgement is up to much TBH


Marchisio, Khedira and Pjanic does though.

Tevez - Morata to Higuain - Dybala, pretty good too.


Schniderlin is still a very good player. Stop trolling


So Juve now has the best non-Barca strikeforce. We have Giroud :facepalm:.


Higuain is the one that asked to leave so again you don’t quite know what you’re talking about. Let me tell you right now Higuain was the only striker back then that was at Real all those years and survived cull after cull and when he did leave it was because he himself wanted to.

He’s a world class striker one of the top three in the world right now easily PEA, however, is not. Notice I’m not knocking PEA.

That’s fine by me keep banging on about him you clearly have him on the brain, that conversation with me is over.


Juventus can win the Champions League now. They are very completed.


I guess in the end it depends on how high the alternative offers really are. If they’re far off their valuation they’re maybe even doing the better business, but in general I do agree. Still, I don’t see anyone challenging Juve in Italy and last season sure as hell confirmed that, so what’s the point.


Higuain wanted to come here or not, we would not and should not pay that much for him.
Juventus made a stupid move.


I asked earlier in the thread about knowledge of his release clause, I guess nobody knows. However I read that we are waiting for his release clause to expire at the end of July and then we will make a £50m bid, Higuain is keen on the move supposedly.


Is it really a stupid move for Juve? What else should they be spending their money on? They’re going to dominate Italy domestically regardless of Higuain signing or Pogba leaving. They might aswell buy one of the best strikers around and make a real go of Champions League glory for the next 3-4 seasons.


Glad it’s over now and not dragging on until the end of August like it always seems to do. Still really hope we have a proper striker lined up though…