Gonzalo Higuaín


Does anyone have info on the release clause? I thought I read somewhere it had expired but now I’ve been reading that our expires in a couple weeks.


Maybe Vietto + Oliver, both said to be on the market.


Vietto was meant to be quite the prospect right? Seem to remember that from some spurious chat linking us to him on old OA.

Anyone got anything to report on his progress or lack thereof?


He’s good but hasn’t the workrate that Simeone expects so that’s problem. He’s going to Sevilla it seems. Barcelona also wanted him as a 4th striker and Suarez long term replacement.


Be prepared to be underwhelmed De laurentis


Vietto and Oliver probably have better options in Spain and my guess is that they’d prefer to remain there rather than going to a club like Napoli.

I think De Laurentiis is probably just making shit up to generate interest. I don’t know why he is mentioning us specifically. He seems to be simultaneously desperate to sell Higuain and determined to negotiate hard on the price.


The rumours for this seem to be dying somewhat. If Atletico offered €60 + two players and were rejected, we defiently will be.


Yes you offer them enough money and they release the player .
You take Luca Brasi round with you and make them an offer they can’t refuse !


Not necessarily…I think it would depend on how much Atletico were offering upfront as a payment and how much they wanted to pay in installments. As we are a cash rich club, we have been able to offer more money upfront for a player - this approach helped us with Ozil as Real needed money to be able to pay for the Bale deal. Napoli may accept a lower transfer fee if the bulk of the money was paid upfront to enable them to invest in their squad. Also the whole player plus cash deals, particularly when there is more than one player involved is very complicated which is why hardly any deals like this are done.

In saying all that Napoli are c&nts when it comes to transfers…but it would be interesting to see whether the club stick to the whole pay the full release clause or not. Higuain only has 2 years left on his contract and his value will go down massively over the next year. The club may just accept that but I reckon if enough money was on the table before the end of the transfer window they would do a deal with us. And I wonder if this is us just being sneaky again in the transfer market and waiting for the opportunity to make an offer towards the end of the window - high risk but may mean we get Higuain at a fairer price!


Maybe Napoli were lying about how much Atletico were offering but if it’s true and they rejected it then we’re out.


Lucas Brasi sleeps with the fishes my friend. Luckily he had time beforehand to teach Dick Law everything he knows.





We were never in for him.


I hope it’s for the 100 trillion we’re led to believe it is and not some dick amount like 50 million.


Fucking Juve and their hoarding of strikers.


For Juve it’s like a swap between Pogba and Higuain


The money that get for Pogba will pay for this and keep their supporters happy.

We were never going to pay 80m for one player.


Wow. What a power move by Juventus!

Glad that we’ll never have to deal with rumors about Higuain signing again and hopefully for Juve’s sake they don’t find themselves in a penalty shootout during their CL campaign. :joy:


De Laurentiis is a fool what would you rather do? Sell Higuain abroad for less or sell him to a direct rival and have the league wrapped up for sure for the foreseeable future?

He’s gonna bang goals in against them for fun.