Gonzalo Higuaín


I don’t see the striker depth as the strange thing.

It’s the swap deal; they only work if each party really wants to leave.

See Cole/Gallas; I cannot see the swap deal happening.


Dearest oompa u are getting in quite a stew aren’t you ?
I know what Arsenal are and what they have become , and their actions year in year out are in line with a business plan that sees 4th place as the optimum profit return.
I support Arsenal more than 99 percent of the people on this site because as far as I know only Jakey Boy and me have season tickets , in my case since 1974 ,that’s a lot of support in time and money and I have followed them abroad on three continents which I bet is more than most .
.I am also from Islington hence the name tag which means Arsenal runs through my veins !
Just because I don’t like the way they currently operate and can think of better ways for them to do business doesn’t make me any less a supporter.
I’m also not a cynic,I’m more of a realist but does that give you a right to name call like a child ? Would you say that to someone’s face because you don’t like what their saying ? Of course you wouldn’t silly boy.


Christ this argument is nearly as boring as our transfer activity this summer.


That rates Giroud at over 50 million , now I am laughing !


If you support a club, you want the best for that club.
When you see the club not doing it’s best and repeating the same mistakes, you either say nothing, and let it carry on, or you protest and get them to do something about it.

You are clearly more than happy with Wenger and the way the club is run, which is fine, but others want a bit more than that.

There is nothing wrong with ambition, but that doesn’t seem to be shared by the board or Wenger, where money and profit are their motivation, rather than trophies.


Breaking news: first official offer from Juve to Napoli for Higuain. De Laurentiis refused because he wants the price of the release clause.


Listen gramps. I’m sorry I forgot that you’re more of a supporter than 99% of the people here, which clearly gives you the right to turn the place into your personal toilet.

I wanted balance in your public moaning, not your life story. And fyi you don’t have to be scared of me IRL or w/e it is you are hinting at there, these are arguments, fists down diaper back on. I’m asking you to balance your whinging, I don’t care if you wipe your tears or your arse with that season ticket, it doesn’t give you any right in my book to behave like an infant in public every day for years. Man the fuck up about it already, that is all that is being asked of you.


Nothing gives you the right to come up with your toilet based nonsense you sorry excuse for a man .
I dont give a dam what you want either so what you going to do about it hard man .?
Thats right nothing ,your just crying and whinging please feel at liberty to drown yourself in a vat of your own excrement .




Jeez. Grown men (?!) arguing like babies on the Internet. I’ve done this and that, I’m better then you because of this and that, my dad is stronger than yours and yada yada yada bla bla bla. Who cares? Argue by sending PM’s instead.


De Laurentiis: “I asked Marotta if he wants to pay release clause fee, he replied I don’t think so.”

but has added

I would like try to convince him to refuse any destination if Higuain will ask to leave for a third team who won’t pay the release clause.

The third team are us, I’m 100% sure. If Gonzalo wants to exit from Napoli, needs to put pressure on ADL.


This is going to be a drag, won’t it?


Ocke cokey !


De Laurentiis wants the release clause for Higuain, regardless if the club with the intention to sign him is Juventus or another club.


Aren’t Juve notorious for not being able to stump up the cash in regards to big players, with big fees? Always trying to chuck in a freebee + cash.

It seems it’s down to the team with big balls at this stage.


Well, we know that club isn’t Arsenal.

Higuain isn’t coming here. Fingers crossed that Theo can do something in the first two games of the season.



Sure we want this swap deal?
How Higuain plays better than Giroud in the EPL we all don’t know.
I only know this will be our record spending and won’t spend another dime on other positon(s).
One injury, we are back to Sanogo, Theo and Asano. Is this what we want?

I don’t think it is that easy to say “go ahead to swap it because Higuain is better than Giroud”.
Wenger should spend whatever Arsenal has, to get Higuain but also keep Giroud on the team as well.


Not one reputable source has said we are interested. Giroud’s agent just shot down this shit rumour


Man, Giroud has a great body.