Gabriel Paulista


This is happening. It was probably happening before Gabriel’s injury.


This fucking poker game Wenger keep referring to just isn’t a sensible policy to based Arsenal’s summer transfer dealings on.

Wish I knew what was going on behind the scenes


Hope he recovers quickly, looked a nasty twist.

Time for Wenger to stop fucking about, we needed a CB before this and now we need one desperately. One week until the season begins…


FFS! Just back, he got badly injured.


He doesn’t know how to be decisive in a market where you need to be decisive due to increased competition. I don’t think there’s any mystery or behind the scenes conspiracy. The game passes everyone by eventually, coaches and managers are no exception.


He has tried playing this game every transfer window, and it never works.
We are always short before every transfer window, we don’t strengthen the positions that we are desperate in, and then when the injuries start happening, like they always do, we are left with a weak squad with glaring holes in it.


Its either nothing or failure. Take your pick.


POV of a professional. Further says that the management of the injury was consistent with how a fracture would be treated.


Sprain my arse Wenger seriously needs to quite player poker, he’s beyond terrible at it.


Disgusting, again.


What is?


For me, is disgusting to blame someone in this case, especially now when in the previous post there are pics of a player who has been damaged few hours ago.


So we start the season with only Holding & Chambers fit lol, also we look to have only 3 centre backs for an extended period.



We’d have been better off just avoiding pre-season.



Don’t worry… we have 4 WC strikers and 4 WC CB and a LB and a RB who can play CB. Nothing to see here.


Here’s some exclusive footage.


So he is basically done for the whole season :facepalm:. 6 months to recover, then 1 month to regain a good form.


No no no, 9 months to recover, one month to full fitness and then another month to get injured again.

The cycle continues


Next time we’ll see him is a cameo at the last game of the season. Been there before and this was always gonna happen!
Feel bad for him of course, hope he recovers!

Now let’s get Dojo or Senderos on the line, pronto!


That twist looked horrid in slow mo, feel for the poor guy it’s never nice to see any player pick up a bad injury let alone one of our own, that being said the man’s a liability especially when it comes to decision making on the ball and I can’t help but feel a little relieved his not gonna be in the starting 11 vs Liverpool who would have exploited that shit to the utmost with the way Mane, Firmino, Lallana an co bomb about and hunt in packs.