Freddie Ljungberg


Ornstein confirmed he will be a new youth team coach.

Thought he should have a thread.


Should be interesting.

Although having Pires Lehman etc. hasnt done much for our performances in recent years haha


We’re going to have the best charity legends team in the world.


Welcome back legend! Him and Per to work together?


And might I add…

“Ljungberrrrrrg! This is awesome from Arsenal!”

(On going 2-0 up at Anfield in spite of having only 10 men in December 2001)


Does Pires actually have a job with us though?

I thought he just turned up each day of his own accord :laughing:


Yeah he basically hangs about and trains with the lads but you’d think some of his talent and nous would rub off on them haha


Does Pires not work here? Haha I thought he turned up and trained while he was in between strange football jobs but just assumed this time around he was properly there for work :sweat_smile:


Have you seen the Pires - Reiss Nelson video on youtube? He doesnt sound very knowledgable of football to say the least. :gabriel: