Francis Coquelin


Flamini was kinda good at one point though.


Same… he showed flashes for a bit and even helped our season a couple of years ago, but he has regressed or maybe found his real level and it ain’t good enough. I have defended him b/c I thought he was underrated (and I still maintain that people were too harsh at times - he wasn’t completely devoid of technical skill as some claim), but that is no longer the case or perhaps just irrelevant. He was awful today - our worst player… and really hasn’t been good most of this season.

We have a shambles at CM - better hope Xhaka comes good and we get more reinforcements of top quality in the summer.


Some fans booed Ebouè for less than Coquelin did until now.


Ha I wonder if Coquelin goes home and cries like Eboue did.


You know you ass cheeks when the manager is taking you off and putting a winger in your spot. If this was any other manager, this cat would’ve either been sold or collecting splinters on the bench.

People gave him a pass based on the few performances he had a few years ago for us, but those papered over the cracks and this current system exposes him for the limited player that he is.


So bad. :facepalm:


Only 14 tackles off what Kante produced at Anfield, maybe there is hope for Coq yet.


Lol Coq has better stats than Kante bro, funny you’d bring this up.


If you watch games you know who the better player is, I just bought that up for banter. In regards to who’s the better player it isn’t even a debate, Kante is one of the top 5 players in the League. BTW when Wenger winning us that league Title before he retires ?


Clear as day whos better now. Certainly hasnt been that way prior.


You’re still pushing that agenda? That diabolical performance of Coquelin sums up his last season and a half with us. The gap between them is wide.


Disgusted at our midfield options, especially this guy.

So much money in the bank, so many quality midfielders available last summer, willing to join us. But no, we risk relying on a half-fit Cazorla, a massively inconsistant Ramsey, a newbie who has to adapt to the pace of the league (Xhaka), an Egyptian who doesn’t really have an impact on games and Coquelin… So bad.

The thought of the potential midfielders who could have joined (and improved) us last summer is fucking depressing.


I really don’t understand this ‘transition’ Wenger is trying to do with Le Coq. He was brilliant when he came into the team after his spell at Charlton was cut short. That style of play IS Coquelin, why would Wenger tamper with that? He’s not being played to his strengths at all this season and looks about as useful as a Magikarp.


Leave him be haha, props to A4TT for even turning up these days when the easier option is to do a Trion and pop back inside his shell until the start of next season.


Just a reminder that we tied this guy down to a 4.5 year contract on £75k p/w :joy: For a club that is apparently sensible with it’s money, we make quite a few bad contract decisions.


Coq was quite good last season though as witha lot of players they have a good season and nothing to follow up, i think this is not just the players how can they have a decen season and grab everyones attention then be utter wank…more to it than that!


Honestly, he is the least of our worries right now.


When he plays he becomes the biggest one.


Biggest regret to consider him an important player for Arsenal.

I was the first to be sure about his qualities (I said which he was better than Kante), but anyone have considered the classic example of flash in the pan like the 24 goals scored by Darren Bent.

This Coquelin, this Coquelin which wants to play the ball and isn’t interested to recover the ball like he did in the past, is much worse than Denilson. Denilson was much more lowly than him.


Ouch… forgot how big/long that contract was… he was pretty good for about a half season+ for us and I really thought maybe he would be useful, but he is another that not only hasn’t pushed on, but has literally regressed and looks completely clueless out there. This is just another piece of this Arsenal chapter that is so maddening and frustrating - stuck with too many mediocre, limited, or injured players on too much money for too long and we don’t do anything about it. Right now it is death by a thousand cuts and Le Coq is just another one of those daggers bleeding us.