Francis Coquelin


How many goals has this clown been the biggest culprit for this season? His defensive season has been as bad as his attacking.


in 14/15 Coquelin was an astounding defensive midfielder. Topped the charts stat wise in both England and Europe.

16/17 however, he has been consistently bad, wouldn’t be averse to losing every single central midfielder at Arsenal and starting from scratch tbh.

Such a shame. If he can recapture that 14/15 form he would be a revelation.


Thinking Coq was once a revelation but unable to wrap your head around why Santi is literally sublime.

They say ignorance is bliss, is it?


Coquelin was never outstanding. He was different to what we’d been used to for a while. He was a defensive midfielder who’d put his foot in and make tackles. He was also a defensive midfielder who knew his career rested on his performances so he played beyond his actual level and ability. It’s not that dissimilar to how most Leicester players had played last season.

Coquelin does not have any real quality and does not belong at a club like Arsenal. He’ll never recapture that 14/15 form because it was just a nice patch for him and nothing more.


He absolutely was outstanding in that season. As were Leicester players last season, i’m not sure how that validates your point in any way. Edit: Stats, match reports, even our results speak for themselves. He played to his strengths and those strengths provided an element of balance and security to our team that we hadn’t seen since Gilberto Silva.

It’s fine not to like him, but to disregard what he brought to the team in that season is just lazy and ignorant.

@Castiel what? English please.


Coquelin failed to win a single tackle whilst on the pitch!

That says it all really. Absolute fucking joke


I never disregarded his 14/15 season (or shall we say half of 2015 lol). I just said it was obvious he was playing far beyond his actual level and that’s been proven over the two seasons that have since followed.


Apologies, couldn’t possibly expect you to be able to overcome a complex issue like a single typo.


His Arsenal career seems a bit similar to Ramsey’s. Good 6 months he’ll be remembered for followed by years of just not being very good.


Think its pretty obvious now he was playing above his level before due to being brought back to the team and having to FIGHT for a place. Now he just gets started every week churning out bog average performances.

Our players have got it too fucking easy here.


Ramsey actually used to look a bit like a player. Coq can barely pass the fucking ball. He’s never been remotely good enough, however, he does run around like a headless chicken and make tackles so I guess there’s that.


I am still not sure what it is your original post meant. :smile:


Simply put how can you stick up for Coq but be so dismissive of Santi?


When have I been dismissive of santi?

I have always acknowledged his level of ability. I just don’t believe he is world class, which is evident when you compare him to actual world class central midfielders.

Coquelin, like Ramsey, did however perform to that sort of level in his respective role, even if it was only for a limited time.


Even the argument that Coquelin brought something new, is bullshit. Arteta at his best, tackled even more than Coquelin.

This clown was never good. He’s still tackling just as much as he did in the “amazing” 14-15 season, but now he doesn’t have Cazorla to do all the passing for him. He completed 6 (!!) passes last night. :coq:


I thought his partnership with Cazorla worked back then the same way Ramsey’s worked with Arteta in 2013/14. Both have shown to not be able to replicate that though. Saying that Ramsey looked like a player better than Coq I think is fair and I agree with that, but I think Coq’s first full half of a season he had is being overshadowed a bit by how bad he is now. He was good at what he did but quite limited outside of that role.


You realise there is more to defending than making a tackle? A LOT more.

Much like there is more to attacking than being able to finish well.


Does help though if he can make tackles, thats sort of what defending is about


Nah, I don’t think he realizes that. @A.F s one of the daftest, most clueless users on here and I’d really appreciate you taking the time and effort to explain to him how defending works.


Yeh I agree with that too, though I do feel we overestimated Coq a little because he was good at something we lacked for a long time, that is tackling and aggression. But for me he’s always looked like a pretender, showing passion to hide his lack of ability. Sure that passion can mask his inability, but only for so long.