Francis Coquelin


This is why Coquelin should be dropped. We need a BRM, not a playmaker, especially if he is miles away to be considered a playmaker.


Fixed that for you :welbeck:


Well we can agree upon that. Kroos is a stud of the highest order that’s why he’s been pried away from Bayern fucking Munich. It’s actually one of the very few things we agree upon. I’d much rather have Kroos than anyone in the world much less a Kante, or Coq obviously, pure defensive midfielders.


If Wenger swapped with Conte we might be though.


Thank you for posting that my friend. :blush:

Edit: @Maxi_Gooner the fuck is a BRM?

Ballsy right midfielder? Business revenue manager? Have you just made a position up. :smile:


Haha we have a BRM at work, it stands for Business Relationship Manager. Arsenal need a lot of things, but I’m not sure that’s one of them :grin:


You wrote that just to get like from me, didn’t you? Well, there you go…:grinning:


Kroos is a god.


I’m assuming he means ball retrieving midfielder or something to that effect.


Shameless. But true.


Le coq did a job for us when we needed him, but it is time to move on now.


He didn’t read the Robben manual did he?






Amazing that Wenger actually picked Flamini and Scott Sinclair to play against Bayern.


Ozil didn’t really help.

By gosh, if we lose Alexis next Summer, we are fooked.

Yet again, we are schooled when we face good teams…

Fucking sick of it.


Fuck football and fuck this shit, I’m off to bed. Spineless cunts.


we are so fucking shit.


What’s Allegri’s number?



fucking weird how he was incredible in 2015 after being shit in every other year he has been here lol.