Francis Coquelin


League: Watford, Burnley, Bournemouth, Swansea
CL: Basel x2
FA Cup: Preston, Southampton
League Cup: Nottingham Forest, Reading

Not sure which team I’d call the strongest against which he didn’t play.


These are some of the worst types of stat in football.


Thanks for giving us the context mate :slight_smile:


Apart from the discussion about coquelin, I get the frustrations about certain players, but these stats are so ignorant. Which teams did we play during that stretch? In what competitions? Without context it doesn’t mean anything. Same goes for Mustafi’s unbeaten start to his Arsenal career.


Tell me if this season Coquelin has been a factor for us. Since the start of the season I’m seeing a midfielder not capable to be useful like the past because game by game he is trying to change his style because anyone is convincing him to be more creativa, to play the ball and to be the fake version of Alex Song.

Coquelin should be a good player for Arsenal if he will return to recover the ball and pass her to a team-mate, but now he is totally useless. If the alternative is to play with this Coquelin, I hope to see even a young prospect like Niles at Stamford Bridge and until the end of the season.

And yeah, @AbouCuellar was right, Kantè >>>>>>> Francis.


Tbh I was merely pointing out that the posted stat is click-bait and not worth an awful lot when you check the games in question. The article doesn’t even make an effort to provide the reader with actual information but is solely used to single out a player as if he’s the only problem.

My personal opinion on him is though that I see Coquelin as a solid squad option that can fill a certain role if needed and that’s about it. If he can go back to doing what he can do best, I’m absolutely with you, but we’ll need the remaining players to fit that role too or else we’ll be stuck with no one doing anything noteworthy in that midfield which can hardly be better than him at least trying…


I mean, I certainly don’t disagree with this but if we used Coq properly he’d be much more effective and also if we had Kante we’d probably just misuse him too.


How exactly would we use Coquelin properly?


The same way we used him when you used to like him.


Exactly my own point. Let the players do what they do best. No need for all this shoe horning. Coq is a cleaning lady whos job is to sit in front of the back four. Arshavin was a fantastic central AM. Walcotts biggest (only?) true asset is his speed, let him go deep. Rafael is a clumsy excuse if a footballer, let him be that somewhere else! Etc etc etc.


Abou… can’t do it, Ac was the biggest Coq fanboy up in this bitch at one point. If the old OA wasn’t lost to time you’d find about a billion of his posts declaring how much he believed in Coquelin prior to his breakout season when he was brought back from loan.


Don’t think there’s any significant difference in his usage, his limitations have just become more and more obvious (I defended him on the basis that his contributions with the ball seemed to be improving in the spring of '15, thinking that he would continue to improve because I overrated his quality on the ball, with the benefit of hindsight I can say that overrating bit and we can see that that seeming upward slope was just mirage), and the little that he does offer has become much less novel.

He’s just not very good, and we pretty much unanimously overrated him at the end of the season in 2015, even those who realised he was crap well before I realised it last season like @A.F. were saying he was good enough to be our starting defensive midfielder then.


You cunt! Can’t be doing this to me


wow, did I really? fml

edit: In this case, a very small sample size + Cazorla doing Coquelin’s job on the ball, will have to be my excuse.


To my eye he is quite clearly not playing the same role and I’ve heard and read numerous people say the same too but not really interested in a further debate on what’s wrong with this club at this stage as it always ends up back with the same reason/person anyway. :slight_smile:

  1. LOL.
  2. You know in big bang theory, where penny does something like ask ‘why’ to sheldon, and everyone goes ‘ahhhh :weary:’ because sheldon then goes on a massive rant.

That, is this. :smile:


Haha you did, I remember quite well you saying that the way he was playing and the way our midfield was set up you were fine with him as our DM going into the next season. I think even @CunningLinguist stopped trying to point out to people how much they were overrating him by the end of that season and accepted him as rather decent to good. :grimacing:

And oh FFS, not the Wenger misused Arshavin bit again. :facepalm: Wenger has done a lot of things wrong but not playing Arshavin over Fábregas was not one of them… definitely cannot see how he is misusing Coquelin either, aside from the fact that he is allowing him to leave the bench during the game.


Pretty sure I remember seeing the exact opposite stat about a year ago.


I wonder how much of it difference it would make if we start playing…


…in stead of…


like in the classic dutch system. In a system with two half players (in Dutch we call the positions of Ramsey/Ozil right half or left half) the spaces between midfielders are a lot shorter, which should make it easier for him to play in Ramsey or Ozil and he would not half the same incline to bring the ball up when Ozil is further up the pitch. Both players would be involved a lot more in the build up in stead of now where Ozil plays a lot closer to the final third. Ideally Cazorla would play in stead of Ramsey, obviously. It would also provide more room for Sanchez to drop back which he often does. I think the overall balance of that change would benefit our midfield, but Wenger probably isn’t going for it.


Would really love a proper 3-man midfield. I think we last used it with Ramsey-Fàbregas-Denilson.


It wouldn’t make any difference. Besides, Coquelin is not good enough in possession to be a #6, so you’ll still have the same problem with another midfielder further forward being required to drop deep (and Coq to take up his position instead) in the build-up.