Francis Coquelin


Wouldn’t be losing any sleep if we sold Coq


Lies. :smile:


N’Zonzi? You really dont follow football anymore do you.


He’s killing it at Sevilla right now, that said I would give most of the credit to Sampaoli.


I’ve heard of N’Zonzi’s transformation, meant to have played a stormer of a game against Real the other night, helping his team end Madrid’s 40 game unbeaten run. He’s not a clogger that clatters everyone nowadays apparently!

I remember Le Coq starting out for the first team all those years ago now and like Maitland-Niles, he was used as a full back in the rare appearances he had and did very well there. He now has a more defined role as a midfield-destroyer however, in typical Wenger fashion, Le Coq can be utilised elsewhere if needed, I’m sure of it. It can’t hurt to have those types of guys around the team, especially given how passionate he is, which sometimes gets lorded over as a way of getting around criticism for some but we need guys like that in the team at least.

I just feel we have better options to use now; a big investment in the form of Xhaka to manage and balance with a partner, who may be in the form of Ramsey/Wilshere/new shiny young prodigy. Le Coq is a Wenger player and he’ll be here as long as Wenger is.


Yeah I saw the game, N’Zonzi was great, best game this season for him probably, and I watched plenty of Sevilla games but it is not like they’re miles apart, they’re in the same bracket, they differ a little bit, I understand if someone thinks N’Zonzi is better but it is more what TheSpecialCnut is after, their press is working well because it is a team-wide strategy, and Sampaoli ignited him. He didn’t win the world over at Stoke and went to Sevilla for peanuts.

We (Arsenal) also don’t really play the same way, Coq has more responsibility because we line up more offensively, he is more isolated at times than anyone in Sevilla is. Partnered with Santi who is good at always being a playable option it looks simple and you don’t notice when Coq wins the ball and makes a simple pass. If his partner (say Xhaka) isn’t available and opponents are closing him down he has to take risks with both passing and movement, or passes it backwards, neither look particularly good on the eye.

Xhaka has improved a bit on his availability lately it seems, maybe it comes with confidence, or it is just that we’re not under as much pressure lately.


He has just renewed.


Hard to believe there is a side out there who is more offensively set up than a Sampaoli team.

I’d rather say he is isolated more often, because our execution is far worse.


Shame… I really enjoyed the time you watched Eredivisie games and had 10 talents a day spotted good enough to play for Arsenal.


Is this a TopoCuellarConspiracy (#) post?


Charlie Nicholas reckons we should get rid, funny stuff.


We’re not quite in a position where we can get rid of specialist defensive players from the squad. Even though Coquelin may not be considered good enough to be in the first XI, he’s proven to be perfectly suitable as cover and for particular games and game situations. If you were to argue for his inclusion in the first XI, what does he offer in possession? He just doesn’t have a lot going for him there. Second choice DM’s however don’t really need to be doing much more than protecting the back four.

In hindsight, seeing as Xhaka thus far hasn’t yet shown he’s the right man to assume the first choice DM mantle, I can’t help but believe we should have been quick to pursue Kante. Here’s hoping Xhaka does work out because it’s hard to imagine we would sign another defensive midfielder.


Nah, never would do such thing. You’d only be ‘boring’ James Milner in Topo’s glorious universe anyway though, so no need to make that connection. :sunglasses:


Well yeah, N’Zonzi is a good call. Le Coq isn’t leaving though, especially after having just renewed.


Ah, okay. Well it’s just that I’ve never watched Eredivisie games and spotted 10 talents good enough to play for Arsenal, so was a bit confused. :wink:


He is a great top notch defensive midfielder, unless we bring a WC dude for me makes no sense to get rid of him.

We have worse players and position to fulfill-improve to worry or focus about le coq.


Talk of getting rid of Coq is nonsense. Very important squad player, he brings variety to our midfield.


Yes, garden variety. :grinning:


Hes the best and from what ive seen the only defensive midfielder we have .
xhaka has yet to convince anywhere on the park and elneny goes foward too much when in that role. Hes vital to our fragile defense .

Im stunned at the negativity towards the Coq !~


Nervously awaiting the Wenger press conference. Please be out still.