France Thread


Brazil did it in ‘58 and ‘62 and Italy in ‘34 and ‘38


I think everyone can see why Giroud was selected ahead of Lacazette.
There are enough players in there to do what Lacazette does. Giroud offers a different option.

Plus Giroud has always performed well for France


Or white guys.




I don’t get it, lol :see_no_evil:


Ozil probably won’t even play anyway. Isn’t he gonna be fasting or whatnot?

Ironically all this “crying wolf” he’s been doing about being sick recently might just come back and bite him in the arse


Ramadan ends at the start of the world cup, plus footballers get an exemption anyway


When did Mohammed add that exemption into Quran?


Hahahaha :rofl:


It’s Muhammad.

And travelling is a valid exemption from fasting although there are different interpretations of it.


Yep and it didnt stop Pele being part of a third winning squad in 1970.


I was just completing the list of who is not included in the squad.



sakced in March next year when they go out in the CL


He’s not wrong though. PSG don’t have great FBs in my opinion. Saying that I’d take Kurzawa here that’s for sure.


Kurzawa here? :henry2: