Football League thread


The M23 derby!


‘‘The Brighton manager then allegedly entered the Palace dressing room, threw five pounds on the floor and told Venables: “Your team’s not worth that.” … Mullery states that the rivalry was fuelled by both competition between the teams and directly between the managers.’’



Palace. Croydon is not that far.


That’s a strange thing for an Italian who doesn’t live in London to know lol


I have visited Brighton twice :wink:


I’m glad he’s done well at Brighton.
Also it must be even better for him being above Newcastle, after the way he was treated by Ashley, and that they are a much bigger club.

I think a of PL clubs will be looking at what he has done at Brighton, and will be very impressed.


I know some people in Essex who consider Southend and Colchester as local rivals, and they are miles apart.


Palace fan frew drink over Mullery…Mullery insulted palace fans… Rivalry begins…
Or Eagles eat Seagulls…


Yeah I’m from Colchester. That’s more just considered the Essex derby, Southend aren’t really our rivals as such though. We always used to hate Wycombe (?!) and Ipswich more.


Colchester’s new ground sucks, another bowl non-entity, altho Layer Road was fun.


Villa the scum of the north/midlands…go on Fulham…


Dirty Leeds out of the playoffs as things stand.

Little Burton taking a step towards survival


More dropped points for Newcastle. It means Huddersfield are only 8 points behind but with 2 games in hand. I expected Newcastle to walk this league, now they’re in a fight for automatic promotion!


I fear for Forest. Only 1 point above the drop with a seemingly unwinnable set of fixtures


Portsmouth finally out of League 2!


Benitez ahahaha! Huddersfield can go only 2 points behind them now.


Newcastle promoted with Brighton pretty much. Bit bored of Newcastle but Benitez is usually good entertainment value


Brighton are promoted!




"It’s not really a risk. They have won two out of 22. I haven’t got a magic wand.

“I’m not going to turn them into Real Madrid.”

I assume it was his optimism which got him the job.