Football League thread


Jesus that’s even worse than going to FC Copenhagen…


i always remember when the man who i shall not name left for city and benter was in the paper 2 page spread saying he was going to step up and be the main man for us - that work out well :expressionless:

he was dog turd cant even get in the forest fist team man believed his own hype far too much


Still remember when he blocked that shot in the Champions League against Liverpool. He costed us the qualification.


:confounded: he was rubbish him and chamkh truly awful strikers


Well fuck me. Now I’ve got to see this schmuck playing at his level. As if Norwegian football wasn’t shite enough already.


ah Wilshere.


So Wimbledon played MK Dons last night which as you can imagine the rivalry and history is well documented, but did anyone see the lengths Wimbledon went to not acknowledging them?

Firstly, no mentions of the words Dons in the scoreboard for MK.

Cover of the match day program featured no team names,

And then a continuation of the Dons blackout inside the program

In all honesty though, I do hope MK ditch the whole Dons name one day, it really is pointless holding onto that part of their name.


Bristol City-Huddersfield 4-0! Such an unexpected result! That’s a big boost for Newcastle and Brighton.


Huddersfield seem to have collapsed at the worst time.


Rotherham are officially relegated. I think it’s safe to say that Newcastle are promoted too. Looking forward to our mid table clash v Rafa’s team next season…


Huddersfield seem to have collapsed at the worst time. Meanwhile, Rotherham have been officially relegated.


Christ the mood these days! :xhaka: :mustafi:


It’s only half time!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::joy::joy:

Wtf has happened to Reading?! :thinking:


Sheffield United are back in the Championship.


What is Fulham up to these days. Any news on their manager and players?


They are currently sixth.
Edit: 7th, as Newcastle lost against Sheffield.


Would love Fulham to come back up, it will probably be the last thing I wish for this season after the cup and the NLD


The format was changed and of course the competition has been a disaster.

In any case, the lower League teams play a crazy amount of games over a season as it is, I never understood why such a competition existed in the first place.

Yes there is the chance to play at Wembley at the end of it, but it is a fairly pointless competition when only these two Leagues can enter it. Just scrap it.


Fratton Park is absolutely bouncing - How can you not love the football league!?


Coventry got relegated to the League Two 16 years after they last were in the Premier League.