Football League thread


What a comeback from the Toon right at the death. A win for Brighton could’ve seen a shift in power for top honours. At this stage I still think it’ll be those two that will go up automatically, but any slips up and Huddersfield might take advantage.


Diame with goal of the season tonight lol


Don’t want Newcastle back up, so disappointing. They have Huddersfield and Reading away next tho, need to lose those two really


LOL his reaction…ooooppps i didnt mean that oh well, oh look i scored yaaaaaaaaaaay!


I want to see what Benitez can do with Newcastle in the premier league :open_mouth:


Get relegated.


There’ll be some drama next January/February and he’ll walk out with them in 17th place. Another hero to zero case.

The Geordies have backed him with big money anyway for Championship level and he’s still found time to moan


The prem doesn’t feel right without Newcastle in it.


That Diame goal was the Arsiest goal I have seen this season.


Exactly. It’s a good challenge for him.


Cellino aside, I quite like Leeds, if “like” is the right word. I’d like them to come up though. They’re still a pretty big club and have a massive fan base in comparison to a lot of other English clubs. I’d get more excited about Arsenal v Leeds than I would Arsenal v drab Reading or Huddersfield. I think Garry Monk has done a good job there – would be some irony if they came up and Swansea went in the opposite direction!


I only want Reading to come back up to see how many more times we can beat them in a row


I hate Leeds more than any other club outside spurs. Always found their fans to be the most detestable shower of cunts ever.
Horrible place to go Elland road from the 70s onwards. Hope they never comeback tbh. Twats.


This is exactly why they should come back :grin:


Point taken


Remember when they said they should be the ones to have the Olympic Stadium? :gunnersaurus: Looking like non League for them.


new owners ruining the club


Didn’t last long at Forrest then! :giroud:


What an absolute fucking waster Bendtner is, his ego is too huge for such a shit player…that said he had real potential but he believed the hype. If he buckled down and didnt think too much of himself i reckon he could have been a half decent striker, good enough for 20 goals a season but he has shot himself in the foot.


I wish some of our current bunch had Bendtners can do attitude. I’m not sure where exactly he lost it in terms of ability but spending a season in Sunderland is surely enough to kill anyone’s passion for the game.

Some players, if they can’t make it at the top level just don’t have the interest to really put the effort in and I think that’s part of what happened to Bendtner…But when you’ve scored 50 goals in an Arsenal shirt your agents phone is gonna ring and I guess while people are willing to pay him good money he’s gonna be willing to take it.

If he really had that much of an ego he wouldn’t be pissing around with teams like Rosenberg and Forrest.

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