Football League thread


Paul Maskew should watch more goals.


Haha yeah, he’s over reacted there. Still a brilliant goal though. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the PL.


Wowza what a hit.

As Andy Gray once said, yew just dont don’t save doze.


Wolverhampton beat Derby and just need a win to get promoted now.


Wolves replacing West Brom. Superb bit of business.


Fair play to Kanye he stuck to his word.


The EFL have just held a Ryan Sessegnon love fest. He’s won both YPOTS and Championship POTS plus about 3694 other awards. The only award he didn’t walk away with was Family club of the year… :sunglasses:

Not that these little awards matter, but I still think Neves was robbed. People have been banging on about Neves being one of the best players to ever play in that division FFS. Sessegnon is amazing too, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not “there” yet. When I watch him, I think “what a player, he’ll be great one day”, when I watch Neves I think, “he’s already great.”

I feel like maybe Ryan’s ability is getting exaggerated because of his age – … though, judging from the comments on this, most people believe it to be London/British bias. But yeah, the comments on this… safe to say it’s not gone down well :see_no_evil:


Sessegnon deserves all the plaudits imo, 70 apps at age 17 is just stoopid. It seems like he’s been 17 for about 3 seasons now, bit like Donnarumma.

I fear he goes to Tottenham soon as a replacement for Danny Rose and strengthens them further. Arsenal needs a new left back fairly soon


Yeah i’m not saying he is undeserving of the plaudits. He’s obviously going to be a superstar. And I have no problem with him being named in the team of the season. I just object to the idea that he’s had a better season than Neves. Unless i’ve been unlucky, in that the games of each that i’ve happened to miss show Neves dropping 2/10s.

Sure, doing all the at 17 is great and in the long run, Sessegnon will probably end up being the better player. But right now, Neves has been doing stuff with that ball not often seen in that division – giving Sessegnon the Apprentice of the season award, the young player of the year award AND the player of the year award just seems a bit OTT to me.

But yeah, i’m with you on the Spurs link. He has Spurs written all over him. I’m hoping he’ll stick it out at Fulham for a while longer. Though if they come up, he’ll be even more in the spotlight.


Well-done Wolverhampton! Can’t wait to see Neves in the Premier League!


Big game between Millwall and Fulham today.


Really looking forward to this one. Both teams are in such good form, neither have lost for ages!