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Villa sack Di Matteo.

I bet you’d take Martin o’Neill back now hey? Mugs.


[quote=“Robin_L, post:43, topic:133”]
I bet you’d take Martin o’Neill back now hey? Mugs.
[/quote]Don’t get @TA-6 started on him :joy:

di Matteo’s managing rep has taken a nose dive in the last few years.


I still wonder how he managed to win the Champions League in 2012. Wish we had his luck in 2006 :bellerin:


This ‘Checkatrade Trophy’ thing is getting a bit embarrassing now.

For those who don’t know, it’s replaced the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy as the Football League cup competition, only they’re tried to jazz it up this year by going all ‘Europa League’ and introducing group stages, as well as inviting Premier League academies in, some of who have declined, like us.

They have a rule whereby you have to include at least 5 first team squad players in these fixtures, so you’re getting situations where players are getting subbed after 5 minutes so teams can just get around these regulations. All this infront of stadiums at 20% capacity.


Infact, check out some of these attendances. Laughable.


It’s a total farce changing the competition in this way. We don’t need no B teams clogging up competitions for actual Football teams who don’t have the resources as it is.


Joke how they basically destroyed the league 1 and 2 clubs chance of a Wembley final.

I read this morning this was only a one season trail so it will probably be scrapped and back to normal for next season



Chamakh as shaved his hair off and signed for Cardiff!


You’d have to summarise his career in England post-Bordeaux as ‘unsuccessful’ really.


Finally Villa appoint a good manager.


Birmingham City vs Aston Villa on 30th October is going to be absolute carnage.

They can reduce the allocation to 1 man and his dog if they want, obviously things are still going to kick off.


"I am now going to give facts about Cairney any tips.

-Good skills

  • Try to do a bicycle kick
  • Run to get the ball fast
  • Good player

From your season ticket holder, I am giving you some money to say thank you. Come on Fullham!"


McLaren back at derby Bloody hell they must have been desperate



Lol! WTF!?



Forest Green Rovers plans for a new stadium are… interesting.

It’s made out of wood.


Good appointment by Wolves. Wouldn’t mind them back in the PL soon. Good club