Football League thread


Fulham-Reading 1-1.


Good result for Reading.


Yeah defo, Fulham were most people’s favourites to win the playoffs, so they’ll be a bit gutted not to have won the home leg.

Please don’t let Reading come back up!


Fulham are better away from home :pray:


Best away record in the league, right?


But by contrast, Reading have one of the best, or perhaps even the best, home records. They’ve only lost 2! They’ve lost 11 away so yesterday was definitely a great result for them!



It’s cool because they lost in the playoff final last season to Grimsby, so it’s always nice to get the right result a year later

Go Gloucestershire :sunglasses::clap:


Goals galore in the league 2 playoffs. One of the matches is 6-5 on aggregate and the other is 5-5. Who said the art of defending was dead?! :sunglasses:


Both matches decided in the 95th minute too! :dizzy_face:

Now it’s Exeter vs Blackpool in the final


Millwall getting into it


Bradford-Millwall for the League One playoffs final is going on. Still 0-0 with 10 minutes to go.




These fucking thugs are promoted, FFS!


Get in!!!


Millwall were back at Wembley? Hopefully they can replace the seats in time :roll_eyes:



Should be jailed for fraud by calling himself a footballer also and having the audacity to be paid for doing it!


Yeah he should have been hunting crocodiles in Egypt.


Soon to be afcWimbledons home… The old dog track boarded up.