Football League thread


Bolton are back to the Championship after just one years.


Went to watch Colchester today. They were in the playoffs until the 75th minute when Carlisle scored a winner against Exeter. So close, but not close enough :pensive:


So you brought bad luck. Remember the F.A. Cup final :bellerin: :hipster:


Blackburn take the lead. Nottingham are down atm.
2-0! C’mon Forest! Send Birmingham down!
Yawn. Birmingham take the lead.
Newcastle take the lead. They are top now.
Forest score! Blackburn are down now.
It’s gonna be such a great second half at the bottom :smiley:


They will all win and Blackburn will go down imo


Forest make it 2-0 and Brentford score. Blackburn are pretty fucked now.
2-0 Newcastle.
Brighton score thanks to a penalty. They overtake Newcastle atm.
3-0 Forest!


If Bristol score Birmingham are relegated instead!

Birmingham relegated would be poetic justice for sacking Rowett when they were 7th in December


3-1 Blackburn. But it’s probably too late.
1-1 Aston Villa. So it’s the title for Newcastle.

Final verdicts:

Promoted: Newcastle and Brighton
Playoffs: Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield Town, Fulham
Relegated: Rotherham, Wigan and Blackburn.

Playoffs games:



Heartbreak for Brighton conceding a goal in the final minutes but at least they have reached the premiership at least. Fancy Fulham to come back up


Oh my…:joy: (Isaac Hayden plays for Newcastle.)



he is highly rated by them too! They believe they got a bit of a bargain with him. I liked him… and still do.


How the fuck did Newcastle win the title? :sweat_smile: Quite a bottle job from Brighton in the end. Blackburn continue to drop down the Leagues. Really are a club that’s going nowhere.


Bradford-Millwall is the final in the League One playoffs.


Brighton bottled the Title but does it really matter much ?


Nah, they’ll probably be a bit disappointed - especially all those people who have hundreds of “champions” scarves to sell :grin: But winning the division is just the icing on the cake really. I’ve heard it being referred to as “heartbreak” but I think that would be more apt if on the last day they missed out on promotion altogether, which they haven’t. If I was a Brighton fan I’d still be feeling ecstatic.


Pretty sure you get a trophy for runners up aswell.

No one really celebrates it though lol


I remember when Bolton and Blackburn used to be two of our toughest fixtures in the Premier League. Now they are rotting in the bottom of english football.



Rotherham, lol! :wenger: