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What a weird decision! Should have just kept Rowett.




Brighton can win the title today by beating Norwich.


2-0 Norwich HT. Brighton are already on holiday.


Has a goalkeeper ever scored a hat-trick of own goals before?


2-0 FT for Norwich. No title yet for Brighton.


Sad to see. Some of the players looked absolutely devastated at the end and were crying on the pitch.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:194, topic:133”]
Sad to see. Some of the players looked absolutely devastated at the end and were crying on the pitch.
[/quote]Imagine had they won the rights to play at the Olympic stadium instead of West Ham. Would’ve been very strange seeing a place of that size play in non League.

Sad case of what terrible ownership and lack of planning does to wreck a club. The next club who could end up going down the same path could well be Coventry, which would be even more horrendous.


At least Orient fans can take comfort in the fact that their situation isn’t as bad as Arsenal’s


And to think they were almost promoted to the Championship 3 years ago.


Have to say it would be an amazing story if Huddersfield got promoted to the Premier League.

Since Huddersfield were promoted to the Championship in 2012, they have not finished in the top half of the table

Going from that to 3rd in the league is pretty incredible. What a job Wagner has done.


Better than Wenger :wenger:


It’s all about League 2. With only 2 games to go, any team down to 14th can still make the playoffs, it’s all ridiculously close.

Fingers crossed for Colchester :pray:


Hope for Cambridge, instead :wink:


Cambridge were my team to bring to glory in the CM 97/98 days. I’d sign Brian McClair on a free and he’d score 30+ goals. Won a treble with them once. :slight_smile:


Leeds miss out on the playoffs, while it’s a tight relegation dogfight for Birmingham, Blackburn, Nottingham and maybe Bristol. Wigan are officially relegated, instead.



Screwed up by an italian :hipster:


Trust me to go to this match. The rioting was nothing to do with me :see_no_evil:

We won though - eventually! But still 1 point outside the playoffs. Eek.