Fantasy premier league 17/18


What about it? They’re all decent players!


Just Knockaert :hipster:


Changed my team aswell but since am at work now till 8pm
I won’t get chance to change it again.


The same Benteke who gets 15 goals a season? :grinning: Those strikers are the most I could afford as my midfield is too hot


Do we have a Draft mode league? Can see that being quite an enjoyable side thing


I’ve done it with some friends, it’s very stressful but quite fun. You can only really have 8-10 people in your league though otherwise it gets messy. And you all have to be availbable at the same time in order to do it. So might be a bit late now


Just joined. Norfolk in Chance.


Did consider doing a draft league but only a limited spaces on the league didn’t think it was a worthwhile thing to do.


Don’t be as greedy as our board. I got Jesus and Laca upfront :laca:


Thought I had it all sorted then Pedro gets ruled out through injury :joy:

Back to the drawing board


Brought in Pogba as he has good fixtures and it’s only for 2-3 games until Alexis is back.


I’m gonna do what i do every year and give up in a week. But what do you guys reckon so far?


You do look strong bro.


Don’t tell him… doesn’t do his ego any good :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck I forgot to choose a captain lmao, Firmino will have to do :grimacing:


Mounie :cry:

My pre season tip and I axed him last minute for a galactico front 3 then in the first game he scores twice… :tired_face: lol


Lol Calum! You were basically his agent, telling everyone to pick him!


Thanks for the heads up :henry2:


2 Chelsea CBs in my team :xhaka:


Smeg sake blood Cahill in my team and he gets sent off


Highest scoring defender last season, I would have picked him too if I had enough money.