FA Cup 2017/18


It’s heading that way though isn’t it?

We’ve gone from abolishing cup final replays, to losing them in the semi finals whenever that was, and now the quarters. One day in the not too distant future there will be no Fa cup replays and yep that’s generally bad news for the minnows but there are arguments both ways


The goals:


1-0 Tottenham

2-0 Tottenham

3-0 Tottenham

Manchester United-Brighton

1-0 United

2-0 United


1-0 Southampton

2-0 Southampton

Leicester City-Chelsea

1-0 Chelsea

1-1 Leicester

2-1 Chelsea


Spurs are gonna win aren’t they? :upside_down_face:


Im afraid so


It’s not a big deal, even Wenger has won that trophy.


I can’t fathom why Manchester United would want to field a weakened side this coming weekend. The pressure’s on Mourinho to salvage something from a bad season (as it is with us and the Europa League and Conte at Chelsea with the FA Cup)

Chelsea will be in the final, but the other semi final is the flip of a coin imo.


Tottenham winning the cup is a very big deal. Its a hurdle that Poch has to get over to instill real belief in the club. Its horrible moment too being a Gooner when it happens.


Spurs winning any trophy is a big deal


It was a joke.


They won’t win it. They’ll spurs it up, probably in the semi final.